The Unburied Pipe

Last night Vince was working so hard to get the water line in and buried before dark because it was supposed to rain today.  I tried to pretend that he was fine without my help but about an hour before dark I made myself go see if he needed my help and . . just my luck . . he did!

See this chair . . it plays a crucial role in this story!

So, I asked Vince if he needed my help and he did.  He was taking that piece of orange cardboard and laying on top of it and leaning over the trench to fit the pieces of pipe together.  He needed me to stand at the other end of the pipe and hold it . . almost level with where he was working down in the trench.  Huh?  I can’t stand on my feet and bend over with my head way lower than my feet!  No, I am not laying on the ground either!  I said . . I’ll get in the trench and hold the pipe.  He didn’t think I could get in the trench and of course, I was going to do it just to prove that I could.  Getting in was the easy part.  Getting out was the hard part so instead of getting out with each new pipe extension, I’d just walk backwards . . more like scoot, because the trench was barely wide enough for one foot.

Our dirt is great the first 4 – 10 inches and then it turns into rock and while the trencher had cut through the rock, it was awfully jagged and my legs were both bleeding by the time I got out of the trench.  It was just scrapes but it was getting dark and I could hear mosquitoes beginning to buzz.  I figured they’d smell the blood and come for their share so I went in and sprayed mosquito spray all over myself.

While we were waiting for the glue to dry, Vince went to give the chickens fresh water.  By the time Vince got done and was ready to turn the water on to test the line, it was really dark.  I was sitting in the chair, with my back to the woods and I thought I heard something in the woods.  I has halfway turned around in the chair trying to see if there was a mountain lion or something fixing to get me.  When he turned the water on, he had not bled the line and the end cap blew off . . sounded like a gun . . right there where I was sitting, already scared!  I jumped out of that chair and went running towards Vince.  He had heard the cap pop off and turned the water off and was cracking up when I got to him.  I realized already that the cap had popped off but I was still scared!

We gave up on that project for the night and this is what our weather looked like all morning.  (How picturesque with a red Solo cup laying on the ground!)

We got a few little sprinkles but he was able to get it fixed . . and he added a valve to bleed the line when he first turned it on.

One thing for sure . . I will not be sitting in that chair right next to that line when he turns it on, even though he has assured me that he has it all fixed now.

Sure enough . . no exploding caps, we have water coming out the valve and there are no leaks.  Good job, Vince . . even though you scared me half to death last night!

September 2012 Quiltathon Day 1

Many asked last time about a link box and here’s what I’m going to try.  Each day during the quiltathon, I’m going to post a “running update” of what I’m doing.  I’ll update that post throughout the day and I’ll put a link box in each post.    I’ll see if I can put the link boxes at the TOP of the posts for Quiltathons so they don’t get confused with the stash report link box on Sunday.  Think that will work?

The link boxes will be open for 24 hours so please get your post done for each day if you want it to be included in the link box.

Here’s my report for September 13 . . and I’ll keep updating this throughout the day:

8:15 a.m. – Laundry is started, housekeeping chores are done, chickens are tended (The Wild Redhead has been caught and put back in the pen, another escape route has been plugged!) As far as sewing, I’m just getting started. The half square triangles paper has been printed using Triangulations.

1:05 p.m. – Border bundle is done.  I always make the borders first and then it seems like it isn’t such a chore to get them done.  Sashing rows are sewn together and all the sashing pieces are cut.

6:00 p.m. – Quiltathon Day 1 is finished at my house.  All the half square triangles are made, the four patches are made, the framing strips and squares are cut.  Tomorrow I will cut the triangles that go around the four patches and will begin block assembly.

Hope you’ve all had a productive day!

The Sewing Room Clean Up

If I wasn’t so embarrassed, I would have taken a “before” picture but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I have excuses as to why my room was so horrible.  First . . I’m a slob!  Second . . it doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is I’m a slob and a pack rat!

Yesterday morning I walked into the sewing room and said “This is no longer a fun place to be!” so I started cleaning.  Only the back half is clean . . the front half is cleaner than it was, but still needs work.

And to some of you really clean folks, you’re probably thinking this is not clean but for me, this is immaculate!

When we built the sewing room, because it was built into an existing building, I could not put in floor plugs without chipping out some of the foundation and I didn’t want to do that.  I also didn’t want plugs hanging down from the ceiling so I tried to arrange things so that everything that had to be plugged in would be along the walls.  It just didn’t work out like that though.  Yesterday I gave up and moved the cutting table to the right and moved the table with the laptop and the Singer 301 to the middle . . kinda switched those two around.  I do most of my sewing on the 301 so now it’s halfway between the ironing board and the cutting table.  I’ll get something to put over those cords . . maybe!

There was barely room on top of the cutting table for me to trim up some 2″ half square triangles so you can imagine the clutter that was on there!  Gone!  Clean!  I can now measure and cut without things falling off or cutting something that wasn’t supposed to be cut.

The ironing table is clean!  Just like the cutting table, I had barely enough room on one corner to press the border on a big quilt.  Why do I let things get that bad?  Oh . . yes . . because I’m a slob . . and a pack rat!

Room on the sewing table to sew!  Nothing is piled on top of the extension table!  Nothing is on top of the  laptop!  The laptop is there so that if I’m working on a quilt that is in EQ, I can look at the components and not have to print everything but I generally print everything anyway so I may put the laptop away and give myself more room on the table . . for what though?  More clutter?  I’ll have to think about that.

The Texas top is loaded but no quilting has been done.  Maybe I’ll sew a while and then quilt for a few minutes, then sew for a while.  I’m really pretty excited to be sewing with a clean cutting table, a clean sewing table and a clean ironing table.  I’d like to think I could keep it clean but I know I won’t.