September, 2012 Quiltathon Day 3 Report

I got two blocks done and sewn together and five more blocks ready to sew together.

Tomorrow is the last day of this Quiltathon.  I hope to get LOTS of sewing done. And, I hope to keep my sewing momentum going for at least a week!

True Love

Sometimes, you just can’t fight it and what’s meant to be is going to happen.  Well, not always . . but most of the time.

Let’s talk about Roscoe and Miss Hattie!  The reason we don’t let Roscoe in with the hens is because these 13 hens are my main laying hens and roosters are rough on the hens.  I don’t want any baby chicks from these hens because they’re a cross and there’s no telling what kind of babies I’d end up with . . half bantam and half something else or a quarter something else . . I don’t want to try to figure that out.

I hadn’t wanted to leave Miss Hattie out because of danger.  Roscoe can fly half way to the moon without any effort.  Miss Hattie can barely fly 3 feet off the ground and it takes her a lot of effort.  As much as Roscoe loves her, when it gets dusk, he’s going to the top of his tree to roost . . I suppose she can come if she wants to but he’s not staying behind to make it happen.  I think she still likes going inside the coop and bragging to the other hens about what all she’s been doing during the day. She and Roscoe!  Out exploring the world and having their little romantic interludes!

What I just cannot understand is why there are 13 hens in the run and 12 have not escaped once while Miss Hattie cannot be contained.  With all our other chickens, if there was a way for one to get out of the run, they were ALL out of the run.

Yesterday Vince went out and used the metal wires to connect the wire fence to the wire underneath to secure the run so Miss Hattie couldn’t get out.  It was kinda sad and I actually felt sorry for Roscoe.  Can you see the sadness in his little rooster eyes?

This morning I said to Vince . . Maybe we could make Miss Hattie a little nest under the coop where Roscoe’s food and water stays.  She could lay her eggs in there and then in the evening, when he flies up to the top of the tree, we could put her in the coop. They could be together and happy that way!

I will not repeat what he said but I think what he meant was NO!

Roscoe just pranced around the fence begging Miss Hattie to find a way to break out of the run.  Miss Hattie squawked and poked her head through every hole she could find, so determined to be with her boyfriend.  Wasn’t going to happen.  Vince was feeling really proud of himself because he won the battle with the escaping chicken.  I was feeling quite sad that they couldn’t be together.  Really . . how often do you find true love?  Especially when you’re a chicken!

I went out to get eggs and lo and behold . . Miss Hattie and Roscoe were together!

We cannot figure out how she got out . . but she’s one determined little hen.

They are inseparable.  No matter where one goes, the other is close.  Roscoe finds a juicy bug and he calls her over and she gets it.  If he senses danger, or if the black chickens come too close, he rushes her back to safety.  What a great boyfriend he is!

She explained to me that she really cares about him and she’s sorry but no matter what we do, she will find a way to be with him.  Look at that defiant look on her face!

We said . . fine . . we did what we could and at some point, you’re on your own!  We’ll put her up at night and let her out with the rest of the chickens in the morning and I’m sure she’ll find her escape point and out she’ll go within minutes.  So far, she has been laying her eggs inside the coop before she escapes but who knows if she’ll keep doing that.  Love can make you do some crazy things!

The Cutting Table

When I post and so many ask me the same questions, I realize I’m not doing a great job of explaining or that I just do some things in such a weird way that no one, often including myself, understands why or how I do things!  🙂

When I showed the picture of my cutting table, several asked why I have the smaller cutting mat at one end.  The measurements on the large mat are 36″ x 68″ so it’s probably about 40″ x 72″ and covers the table perfectly but it is expensive!  I tend to stand on one corner and cut, usually because that’s the only clean spot, but I wear out those large mats in that one spot and it just makes more sense to me to use a smaller, less expensive mat for the majority of my cutting and replace it when needed instead of replacing the bigger mat.  Even a self-healing mat will eventually have to be replaced.

I like the mats that can be flipped over and used on both sides.  I feel I’m getting my money’s worth out of those.  This one is lavender on one side and blue on the other side.

In Missouri, my room was smaller, or more accurately, it was a basement room and had support pillars in the middle of the room that created a difficult space to work around.  The longarm could only go in one spot and because it was also a room that got a lot of traffic through it, I had to be careful where I placed things.  The big cutting table was in the way so I bought this workbench type thing at Sam’s Club.

It’s about 20″ wide and 72″ long and I love that it has the heavy duty drawers.  From an old large cutting mat that had one side worn out, I cut it in half lengthwise and used the side that was not terribly worn out and that’s what I have on this cutting table but you can see that I also use the smaller mats on there too.  Pegboard is on both sides of both of those banks of drawers so I keep rulers and rotary cutters at this cutting table too.  When I have friends over to sew, it’s nice to have areas where we can all work without being crowded.  I offered Vince that workbench for his shop because I could easily get by with the one big cutting table but he didn’t want it so I’m very glad to have it.

There are all kinds of setups for cutting tables, many can be made relatively inexpensively.  The big table I have is one I bought in about 1989 when I bought my Bernina 1230.  I’d say I’ve definitely gotten plenty of use out of that.  My ideal cutting mat would be something custom made that has deep drawers that go halfway through and are on both long sides, with shelves on the short sides but I don’t see that ever happening.  I’m 100% happy with what I have!