Speck Update

I guess I haven’t mentioned Speck in a while because I’m receiving emails asking about him.  He’s ok . . not great.  He’s 12 years old and has had tummy/digestive issues for several years.  They seem to be happening more often and I can tell that often he doesn’t feel good.  I’m not sure why but he doesn’t want to come to the sewing room with me any more.  He will sit with us if we’re sitting watching TV or knitting but as soon as I get up, he goes into his crate and that’s where he’s most comfortable.  When I say “Do you want to go sew?”, he used to would run to the front door and wait for me.  Now when I say that, he goes into the crate.  I always ask him and it’s rare that he wants to come over with me.  I thought he didn’t like walking on the rocks in the driveway so I now carry him but he still doesn’t want to come over.  Last week one day, he did want to come with me and he stayed a couple of hours but then he wanted to go back to the house.  I go back over there every few hours and take him for a walk, pet him for a while and ask him again if he wants to come sew but he never does.

Every now and then, he acts like a puppy — runs and jumps and seems full of energy.

On a positive note, if I leave him, whether it’s going to the grocery store or going to Louisiana for a week, he gets sick . . which means throwing up or worse.  Vince tells me that he sits on the back of the sofa watching the driveway, waiting for me to return.  The last time I went to mom’s (she does not like dogs in the house!), I had to bring him because I was afraid he wouldn’t make it with me gone for a few days.  When I went to go to Chad’s, I couldn’t take him.  He bites and he’s so jealous.  He won’t even let Vince come close to me most of the time.  I surely didn’t want to have to watch him constantly while I was holding the baby.  So, Speck stayed home.  Vince took off the morning I left to console Speck and Vince said that the entire time I was gone, he didn’t seem terribly upset.
We continue to enjoy him while we have him but we’re preparing ourselves for a day, probably sooner rather than later, when he’ll be gone.

Goodness, I’m bawling just thinking about it!

Thank you all for asking about him and thinking about him.  He’s “just a dog” but he’s our baby!

Applique Patterns

Through the years, I’ve always wanted to hand applique.  I know that I can but I think it’s just that I don’t take the time to do it.  It would take lots and lots of practice to do good work and I think I’m just too impatient.  Also, I like to start a project and be done  .. maybe not always finish it but at least make some quick progress.  I’ve taken applique classes from some of the best teachers and I just never do it.

I had not forgotten about buying these patterns but when I came across them recently, I had to laugh at myself.

There are 12 patterns.  It’s from Ornamental Applique.  They were at a quilt show . . probably in 2002 or 2003.  They had this quilt in their booth and it was gorgeous.  Whatever possessed me to buy all 12 patterns?  Is there anyone out there who thinks there’s even a slim chance I’ll ever make even one of these blocks?  ME!  I think I will.  I think I’ll make all 12 of them . . some day . . but not any time soon.

Design Wall – September 17, 2012

After a whole lot of sewing during the Quiltathon weekend, I made lots of progress on the Sing a Happy Song top.