Good Chad News

Things are so close to perfect for our family but the one not so perfect thing has been Chad’s job.  He graduated from college in May, 2011 and has not had much luck finding a job.  He continued to work part-time at Wal-Mart, which is where he had worked through college, and he also works nights a local bank doing some kind of audit on mortgage documents.  Nicole works part-time at Wal-Mart which she did during college and since graduation.  Chad has been searching for a full time job and I could hear the disappointment in his voice each time he told me about another “didn’t get the job” story.

After quilt guild this morning, I noticed that I had a missed call from Chad.  I called him and he told me that he got a permanent full time job!  I believe that during his interview he was told they should make a decision “early next week”, which was last week.  He was so hopeful and when he didn’t hear anything by mid-week, I could tell he was thinking he hadn’t gotten the job.  By the end of the week, he was pretty sure he hadn’t gotten it but . . he got it!  What it will mean is that Nicole will not have to work and can stay home with the baby and what it also means is that they will be moving which puts them almost 2 hours closer to my parents but get this . . the exact same distance from me.  Hardly seems fair, does it?

He doesn’t even know all the details yet as to when he will start but he has to do a 2 week training at one spot and then a 2 week training at another spot and they have to find an apartment or house to rent so I’m not real sure when Nicole will actually move.

We all feel like a tremendous load has been lifted and things are looking up for Chad.  It’s the type of job where he can spend his entire career . . as he says . . work til I’m 60 and then open my own Taco Bell franchise?  Go figure!  🙂

Roscoe’s Roost

Guess who didn’t escape even once yesterday!  Poor Roscoe . . he just ran around the fence begging Miss Hattie to sneak out and spend time quality time with him but she must’ve been playing hard to get.

I feel so bad for him.  He’s such a cute little dude.  I so wish he’d let me pet him.  He ate a little bit of cornbread out of my hand yesterday but then he realized what he was doing and he ran away.

It was already dark last night when I finished up my chores and I had my camera in my pocket.  See the little white fluffy bird in the tree?  That’s Roscoe’s roosting spot. I can’t imagine that he would rather sleep up in that tree . . rain or sleet or snow . . well, maybe not the sleet or snow but the rain surely doesn’t bother him.

He’s just so cute!

This is what I was really wanting to photograph before I remembered to take a picture of Roscoe.

The sunsets and sunrises seem so much prettier in the fall, winter and spring than in the summer.  Maybe it’s just because the sunset is so late during the summer that I don’t appreciate it, and the sunrise is so early that I don’t appreciate it.

Peeping Dom

Instead of a “Peeping Tom”, we have a “Peeping Dom” . . Dominique chickens!  Six of them to be exact!

Someone . . maybe several someones, convinced me to let some of the chickens out to help with getting rid of the grasshoppers.  Those six chickens eat a million grasshoppers a day but they haven’t made a dent in the grasshopper population.  What they have done is covered my entire yard in chicken poop and now they’ve decided that the front porch is an excellent place to relax and enjoy their days . . and you know what chickens do non-stop!  If you forgot, you might want to read Helen’s little educational comment about chickens.  She was definitely right about what goes in . . well, let’s not get too graphic here but let’s say that I’m pretty tired of scrubbing my front porch and I’m tired of chasing them off the porch.

But worse . . they’ve resorted to walking around the house, hopping on the window ledges, looking in the windows til they find us.

Sunday I decided to take a nap.  I had just gone to sleep when I heard a noise at the bedroom window.  I kept trying to figure out what it was and then finally I opened my eyes.  The blinds were open and there were three chickens on the window ledge looking in at me.

OK .. no one is in this room.  Let’s go check out another room but . . how do we get down from the top of this box?

The rooster decided to slide down the box.  See the other rooster in the background?  He loves eating the purple blossoms on my plants.  I think their days of free ranging are about to end.  In the summer it’s ok to wear flip flops and leave them at the door but in the winter, it’s not going to be so easy to leave shoes outside the door and there’s no way shoes can be worn inside the house . . not with all the chicken you know what in my yard.  Gross!

They’re so used to being able to roam around the whole area, I don’t know what will happen if we keep them penned up.  Maybe it’s time for chicken & dumplings, or gumbo!