Central Texas Sunset

We have our share of drawbacks in this area, though right now, the grasshoppers and the drought are the worst.  We’ll always have spiders and snakes but hopefully we will not always have grasshoppers that equal the plagues of ancient days, and hopefully some day the drought will end.

But, there are so many wonderful things about living in this area, one of them being our sunsets.  In the evenings when I’m out making sure all the faucets are off, putting the chickens up for the night, closing up the sewing room, the sunsets this time of year always catch my attention.

Last night as I was checking the cows’ water (see their tank there on the right bottom?), I noticed the gorgeous blues and pinks off in one direction.

In the other direction, I saw this.  You can see the fruit trees and the condo coup out in the distance.

Just like life . . the sky changes so quickly.  I hope that no matter what troubles and problems I face each day, that I can always see the beauty that’s all around me.

There’s probably no place that’s perfect as far as living conditions.  Some places are more suited for some folks than others.  I can live with the spiders and snakes, where I have a hard time living with ice and snow.  We are very blessed that we are living somewhere that suits us so well. Except for . . those “you know whats”!  🙂


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    Diana in RR Texas says

    I caught our sunset last night too. Was on the computer and happened to look out the window, grabbed the camera and headed outside. It was absolutely beautiful. Would have liked your view more, mine has houses in the way, but still pretty none the less.

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    Yep, you are definitely blooming where you are planted Girl! I was having those exact same thoughts today and I have a couple of sunrise photos to share. One of the crew came in for dinner today and started talking about all the things we need to improve in our house. I just shook my head and said,”Sure there are lots of things we could improve, but those are not a priority right now. I’m a pretty blessed Gal, Dave.” Right now, during this drought, trying to ranch in the black, home improvements are far down the list. Yes, I could rip the 70’s paneling off of these walls, but right now I have a roof over my head, and if I remove the paneling, there’s a good chance that roof may cave in. LOL. Life is good and you are a wise woman!

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    Quiltinggranna says

    I read today that our multitude of grasshoppers are from the severe drought conditions from last summer and continuing on. A man from A&M at San Angelo said it is one of the worse he has seen since the 1950’s. They are devastating crops, even defoliating trees–if that makes you feel any better. I was at a retreat house this past weekend in north TX and we couldn’t even sit outside as they were on the outdoor furniture. I douse my geraniums with Sevin when they start chewing on them. And just hope they go away with the first freeze. But that is a good 2 months away.

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    I think that when we find ourselves in a place where we can truly appreciate the beauty in the everyday things around us … such as sunsets, the line of trees on the horizon, the lowing of the cows, and the antics of a certain red-headed chicken … we’re home. Glad you’re there! 🙂

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    Rebecca says

    I’m happy you had a beautiful end to your frustrating day. BTW, your wayward redhead made for conversation with a friend here who also didn’t realize how entertaining chickens could be!

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    There is no bigger blessing than to be able to enjoy the beauty all around you, even if you have to find it amoung the thorns at times. I’ve found Oregon to be perfect in most ways except for one — I miss the lightning bugs we had back east. We don’t have them. But, we have hot summers with cool evenings, huge trees, towering mountains, clear and clean rivers, and where I live, the weather is very mild. I’ve been many places, but I think this will be home for the rest of my life.