Stuffed Egg Box

Sounds like a recipe, huh?  First you shape the eggs into a little box and then you stuff them.  Not really!

Wasn’t there once a “game” where folks tried to see how many people could cram themselves into a phone booth?  Don’t even ask me “What’s a phone booth!”

There are four nesting boxes and 13 hens.  In the unlikely event they ALL decided to lay eggs at the same time, there might be a need to have four chickens in one box.  Shortly after daylight they begin laying and I usually get the last egg around 1 p.m. so there’s a slim chance there really needs to be more than one chicken in a box at any time.

So, why are there three hens already in the box and a fourth trying to find a spot for herself?

I do believe Tractor Supply got a shipment of goofy chickens on the day we got ours.  We love them though and they are so entertaining.

Yesterday Miss Hattie was out and she kept following Vince and me around.  We were walking around in circles and here and there and she would follow us where ever we went.   Once when I was walking, she walked right between my feet and almost tripped me.  It just cracks me up to see Vince walking along with a little red hen right on his heels.

Ruby was my favorite chicken in Missouri and I think it’s pretty obvious that Miss Hattie is my favorite here.

Dutch Ovens

In some of my recent cooking posts, you may have noticed the beautiful blue Dutch Oven.  This is the blog post I wrote in June of this year when I first got the two blue Lodge Dutch Ovens.  The small one is 3 quart and the large one is 6 quart.  When they arrived, I used them so much and liked them so much that I ordered from Wal-Mart a four quart braiser and a 3-1/2 quart Dutch Oven.  The braiser arrived with a chip in the lid and I returned it and did not order another one.

Before ordering, I thought about the pros and cons of which brand to order.  That’s discussed on the blog post linked above.  The 6 quart Dutch Oven, at Amazon is about $46.  A comparable size in the LeCreuset brand is between $265 and $300.  I have some LeCreuset pieces and I have some Lodge pieces and decided, that for the difference in price, I would go with the Lodge.

For three months I’ve probably used the 6 quart Dutch Oven at least twice a week, mostly for stews, spaghetti sauce, soups, anything really.  I love it!  Cleanup is so easy.  Even when I think I’m going to have a huge mess, it just wipes clean with no soaking and no scrubbing.  No cracks.  No chips.  I like it a lot.

Three months isn’t a long time to use it and I’ll try to remember to post again in a few months but for now, I’m quite happy with the Lodge brand.

On the Needles – September 28, 2012

Late last night I finished the socks for Chad and will post a picture of them later today or tomorrow.  It’s so hard to get a good photo inside at night with the poor lighting in the house.

Our Opal/Socktoberfest starts October 1 and I was real tempted to get a three day head start . . to start something with Opal yarn, but instead I’ll work on the second sock of these.

What’s on your needles? I love seeing your projects.  Seeing all the socks on the needles makes me smile and seeing sweaters and scarves inspires me to make something else.  Thanks so much for participating.