Thankful for the Rain

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never thought a whole lot about the rain til we experienced a drought.  The old saying . . you don’t miss the water til the well runs dry . . is so true.  Even though we’ve lived through some dry conditions, we’ve never experienced a real concern about running completely out of water and water restrictions from the municipal water supply.  We now appreciate the rain like never before and maybe there are more of us in drought situations or I’m just more aware of it but several of my fellow bloggers are experiencing droughts and are affected way more than we are due to large cattle operations.

We’ve had almost 24 hours of steady rain, some barely a drizzle and some a downpour.  I haven’t checked our rain gauge because it seems to be in the middle of a giant pool of water right now.  I’m not afraid of a little water but . . the chickens have been out there and I’d rather keep all that on the bottom of my shoes and not have it flowing up to my ankles.  I guess I could take off the flip flops and put on boots but . . I’ll just wait.  We could get a nicer rain gauge with a remote readout but since it only rains 2 or 3 times a year here . . I’ll just keep my $2 rain gauge.

Brown County Water Improvement District maintains info on the lake level for us all to see and some of us watch it pretty closely.

A rain like we’re getting now will raise the water level in the lake over the next week probably, as run off continues to flow towards the lake.  We had plans today that wouldn’t have been so fun in the rain so we’ve just stayed home.  Vince is in the house . . I think there are non-stop football games today.  I’m sewing.  I’m binding!  One quilt finished and working on a second one.

I didn’t realize how often I go back and forth to the house and what I’ve realized already this morning is . . I don’t have enough junk food out here!  🙂


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    Penny Hankey says

    I wish I could share some of our rain, we’ve had nothing but rain this “summer” with the North and West of the country (UK) experiencing bad flooding again this week.

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    vickie van dyken says

    Yaaa!! glad you got some rain. Although we are in no way running out of water it is dry in the Pacific NW. Longest we had gone without rain was 51 days, we got to 50 days and got 1/100th of an inch??? Somehow I think that shouldn’t count. It still hasn’t rained any after that. They say next week we might get some….now we will see if we have forgotten how to act in the rain…LOL. DH is in Laredo and Pharr picking up an oversize load coming back to Canada. He has pulled another bone head stunt so …..he will take his time coming home. I have a quilt retreat on Whidbey Island this week!!!! We should get home around the same time….then let the fireworks begin!!! Such is life.

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    I’m glad to hear it has rained almost 24 hrs. It started raining here during the night and is suppose to rain until tomorrow. We don’t have animals to worry about but I worry about fire. Enjoy your sewing day!

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    Linda in TX says

    I wondered if you’d get it – it looked good on our weather map. We’re about 45 miles west of Houston and are about 18 hours in so far. Supposed to rain all night. Yes!!!!!!!

  5. 7

    Melinda says

    You had to pay for a rain gauge? For shame, my bank gives them away for free. Guess that is what I’ll bring to the next retreat.

  6. 8

    Diana in RR Texas says

    Been raining here in Round Rock too but don’t think it’s been as much or as heavy as yours according to the maps. You hav e had a lot more of the dark greens to orange colors. But getting close to 1.5 so we will take that.

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    We got 4″. Louie is doing the happy dance. We were so dry and the cracks were toe catchers. We’ve had a burn ban all year. This has been wonderful. Lynne and I have had a mini retreat with a quilter from Dallas this weekend. It’s been wonderful sewing with the gentle rain. I’m loving the cooler air too. Lynne is the GF that came with me to your retreat. I hope we are having it again in Feb.

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    I’m so glad y’all have been getting some rain. I imagine you’ve gotten even more now. I heard Brady had 10″. We had 1.2″ here at headquarters and we’re over the moon about it. 🙂 10″ would fill all of our dirt tanks and we’re hoping that happens soon. No fancy rain gauges here either. We use the free ones that the feed company hands out. It was so dry at one time when we were in the Davis Mountains that they all dry rotted. 🙂