Soctober 3, 2012

Goodness . . I got so carried away about sending Wilbur to the next presidential debate, I almost forgot about posting my knitting progress.  So unlike me to forget something!  🙂

I did start on the heel flap!  Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Not sure how much knitting I’ll get done so I’m not going to make a prediction about my progress.  One thing for sure . . I’m glad to be done with the purls for a while.

The pattern calls for 5 repeats which would give you 10 rows of circles but since I added the ribbing and since I knitted a few rows after the last circle row, I only did 4 repeats, or 8 rows of circles.  As much as I dislike purling, I love these socks and may just have to make more using this pattern.

Time’s Up!

After the debate tonight, Vince and I were talking about the debate leader needing a whistle or a bull horn . . something to say “Time’s Up!” “Stop Talking NOW!”

I know what they need! Wilbur!

If Wilbur can get me out of bed at daylight, I know he can get those candidates to stop talking.  I mean . . when Wilbur crows, half the county hears him.  Don’t you think his crowing would get the point across that “Time’s Up!”?

And, if they wanted to be a little kinder and more gentle, they could borrow Roscoe.  They can have Wilbur and keep him for future debates but they’d have to send Roscoe back to me.

What do you think?  Roscoe or Wilbur?  Think a rooster crowing when time’s up could be more effective than Jim Lehrer?

Folks . . this is meant to be funny.  I don’t want to hear which candidate won.  I don’t want to hear anything political . . this is about roosters . . it is not about candidates or politics, OK?  Thank you!

September Color Palette Challenge Winner

If you haven’t looked at the projects submitted for the September Color Palette Challenge, you can see them here, along with the palette for this month.  Please take time to check out Vicki’s blog where there’s always interesting info — especially about color usage in our quilts.

The winner for the fat quarter packet from Vicki’s Etsy shop is:

Linda Kittmer

Congratulations Linda and everyone else . . check out this month’s color palette and get a project done, ok?

Thanks so much to Vicki for sponsoring this challenge.