Soctober 4, 2012

The heel is turned.

Today was kinda busy with a meeting this morning, lunch out, a trip to Wal-Mart, garden work that had to be done, just a little sewing and less knitting!

Big & Bright Pattern

If you know the words to the song, Deep in the Heart of Texas . . the stars at night are big and bright and that’s so true.  So, with these big 16″ stars . . this quilt is named “Big & Bright” and can be found here.

I had hoped to get way more done before sharing the pattern but I did get a block made and

While working on the 144 flying geese, I was wondering if I’d made a mistake with offering this pattern but once that block was finished and I saw how pretty it is, I’m loving this design.  There are only 12 blocks, the pieces are fairly large and once you get those flying geese done, the rest is quite quick.

An “R” Rated Chicken Story

I’d hate to be the one who assigns ratings to movies because (1) I don’t like movies and (2) I couldn’t decide if this post should be PG13 or R so just to protect the innocent, I’m making it “R”.  Read on at your own risk.

The Facts:

  • I have no roosters in with the 13 hens.  Roscoe is a rooster but he’s white . . not red (and I’m not being racist . . just stating the facts!).  It’s very easy to see that there are only red chickens inside the pen.
  • When a rooster wants to get intimate with the hen, he grabs her by the top of her head, throws her on the ground, and . . well, I’m not describing any more but usually she’s squawking and it isn’t because she’s enjoying it!  I think.  I don’t know for a fact whether she enjoys it or not.
  • I have 13 hens in this pen.

No roosters in the pen . . remember that.  13 hens.  I get 13 eggs each day from these girls.

The other day I was halfway across the yard and heard a hen squawking and turned to see what was happening.  Vince was standing there and I said . . Did I just see what I thought I saw?  He, of course, didn’t see anything.

A few days later, I was right out there with them, heard a hen squawking and looked and another hen had her by the head, had her on the ground and well . . I am not sure what was happening and I probably don’t want to know.

The other night when we were at our little neighborhood gathering, I asked one of the guys who’s had chickens forever and he said yep, that sometimes happens.

Live and learn  . .