October, 2012 Quiltathon Day 3

It’s a very cool, overcast, fall feeling day here.  We’ve had a leisurely mid-morning breakfast, watched a few of the morning financial shows together.  Speck is having a bad morning so I sat with him for a while . . was able to get a little knitting done.  Vince is out working on things for the chickens and I’m back in the sewing room.

6:30 p.m. – I’m done sewing for the day.  Two more blocks made, lots of components done.  Too much is happening around here today to get much sewing done.  Heading to the house to knit!

Links for Nicole’s Sofa Quilt

Finally, the links have been added to the instructions for Nicole’s Sofa Quilt.  Sorry it took me so long to do it . . it was just a matter of sitting down and getting it done and last night I did it . . instead of knitting.  You’re welcome!  🙂

To get to the instructions, go to the free patterns tab at the top, look for the picture of this quilt, or whatever quilt you’re wanting to make and click on it.

Christmas Town Sampler – Block 4

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little project and I really hope all my non-applique friends appreciate my pieced blocks! 🙂

Here’s my fourth and final block for the Christmas Town Sampler.

Here’s my final block.

Now . . how many of you plan to have this quilt finished and on your bed by Christmas, 2012?

Thank you Denise for thinking of this project and for doing so much of the work and for inviting me to participate.  Thank you Sheryl and Susan for your lovely blocks.  You’re all my very good friends and I’ll always look at this quilt and remember you all.