Soctober 8, 2012

Today was a typical Monday if I ever saw one.  At 10 p.m., I got the last batch of applesauce in the canner.  I’ve canned spiced apple rings today too.  The plan was to start early this morning and be finished by noon.  Things didn’t go as planned.  I did find just a few minutes to knit and got the second Circle Sock cast on and a few rows of ribbing done.

Christmas Town Sampler Blocks

Twelve blocks are made for my Christmas Town Sampler. Some of the border blocks are made, most are not yet made.

Applique is just not my “thing”.  My understanding is that I trace all those fiddly little shapes onto that paper with a pencil and then when I’m ironing the shapes onto my fabric, not only do all the pencil marks end up on my iron but half the sticky stuff ends up on my iron.  Yes, I know about applique pressing sheets.  Yes, I have one.  No, I do not know where it is.  So every time I make one of these blocks, I have to get out the iron cleaner and clean my iron and then ask forgiveness for the bad words I’ve said while trying to do the applique.

The first month of this project, I said to myself . . you’re one of the leaders, a role model of sorts.  You *will* do the applique and I made the little bird in the heart.  It wasn’t too bad.  For a minute, I thought I might like applique.  Then I looked at my iron.
The second month, I saw poinsettia block and said to myself . . who cares if I’m one of the leaders!  Then I said to myself that I care and I had to do it.  I improvised a little but got it done.
The third month, the cat would be so cute as a green cat that I didn’t too much mind but besides the iron getting all cruddy, I don’t like cutting little pieces out of my fabric.  I like cutting strips across the width of the fabric.  I like having straight edges . . always!

For the last month in which we do blocks, I looked at Susan’s block.  I thought about it.  I pulled some fabric and then I said . . no way!   It’s a very pretty block.  I would love to have it in my quilt but I know what happens when I try to do round shapes.  They never end up round.  No . . I just couldn’t put myself through it.

I chose to substitute this block:

This is when the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issues come in so handy. Volume 1, was the first issue I grabbed.  The above block is Block #63, Four Corners by Celine Perkins from Perkins Dry Goods.  She used a variety of backgrounds and reds and greens and her’s is really prettier than mine but mine will work nicely in the quilt.

Then I looked at Sheryl’s block.  OMG!  It is so cute.  It looks so hard.  I printed it . . all 10 pages.  Then I said . . no way.  I’d be so frustrated trying to make that.  I substituted this block:

This one is in the same magazine, Block #6, Rising Star by Toni Kay Steere and Jenny Foltz of Wing and a Prayer Design.  They have some embroidery in the black spaces but I also knew I wouldn’t do that so I cut some extra little stars and stuck them in there.

And then I cleaned my iron and said that I may never do applique again! I’m glad to have all 12 of my blocks done.  I will work on the border blocks and try to have them all done by the time Denise gives us our setting instructions.

Design Wall Monday – October 8, 2012

Twelve blocks for the Christmas Town Sampler.  I cheated on two of them . . will explain later.