Yesterday’s Dinner

Just thinking about yesterday and all the happenings still makes me shake my head in amazement.  Most of the day I was sitting in the house because Vince had given the plumber and the attorney my cell phone number and it doesn’t work in the sewing room or if I’m outside.  There was so much going on that for a brief time, I thought about skipping cooking and running to town for dinner  .. after things calmed down around here but then I knew it would screw up everything if I missed one of the meals on my menu.

I should have taken a picture during the putting together process because it was so pretty.  These are the leftovers.

It’s homemade spinach pasta that was cut into rectangles.  The filling is chicken, more spinach and a cream sauce.  It was delicious . . the perfect ending to a not so perfect day.

Big Bird

If you’ve had the TV on, you might have heard that there’s been a bit of controversy about Big Bird and PBS funding.  I have an opinion on it but I’ll keep that to myself but  . . here’s where I draw the line!

Is that Big Bird in the run with my chickens?  Maybe Big Bird is about to become homeless and heard about the treats my chickens get.  Or, maybe Miss Hattie has been emailing Big Bird about Roscoe’s virility.

Wait just a minute . . . that’s not Big Bird!  That’s Vince!  Instead of putting my husband in the doghouse, I send him to the chicken run when he misbehaves.

Yep, it was just Vince and he was adjusting the new water setup.

And, speaking of chickens . .

Those chickens are so funny.  The dump trucks had to get fairly close to their run.  The chickens would all run to one end and crane their necks to see what was going on where the dump trucks were working but then when one of the trucks started to come towards where the chickens were, they would run as far away as they could.  In the above picture, they were cowering in the far corner away from the dump trucks.