A Funny Text

You know I have my friend in Louisiana who has been my friend since first grade.  You know that I live in central Texas, where it rarely gets terribly cold.  Saturday night, our low was going to be in the upper 40’s.  I got this text from Sarah:

I started laughing and called her.  I said “What are you looking at?”  She told me it was her weather app and it said our high on Monday was going to be 21º.  I said  . . no way!  I already knew it was going to be in the mid 40’s.

Then she sent me this.

Then we decided her app must have been in Celsius.  She must’ve figured it out and she sent me this:

That’s more like what I was expecting.  It did give us all a good late night laugh.  I think we all need a friend who can make us laugh, even at things that aren’t really funny.  Thank you, Sarah, for being that friend for so many years!

On the Needles – October 12, 2012

Not much knitting the last two days so this is a picture I had already shown but I have gotten just a little more done.