Baby Pictures

It’s the weekend . . after a long, rough week at our house.  How about some baby pictures . . these always remind me what’s really important in life!

Chad is holding her and I can see one of the scars where the arrow went through his arm!  It’s a gross picture so don’t click that link if you are feeling squeamish!

Babies make the cutest expressions!

So cute and so sweet and then . . they grow up to this:

That look!  And, he better not have been lying!  🙂

And then they start driving.  And you get the call that there’s been a little accident and you arrive . . way out in the middle of the country . . corn fields as far as you can see.  Then as we get closer, you realize the black smoke is actually Chad’s car!

As much as I want to live closer to them now, I am not sure I want to be real close during Adalina’s teen years . . not that it matters a whole lot what I want . . you know?

Spiced Apple Rings

Spiced apple rings have been a favorite for many years.  I remember the first time I had them — they were storebought and I thought they were so good.  I’ve made them a few times but the last time I made them, which was probably 5 years ago, the apples ended up being rather mushy because I had used an apple that was too soft.

Last week I found some small, crunchy apples and made spiced apple rings.

They will eventually absorb enough liquid to sink ..unless we eat them first.  I got 13 pints out of the first batch and 12 pints out of the second batch.  And I forgot how many out of the rest of the batches but I now have 36 pints of apple rings.

And when  you have a little of that sweet, cinnamon-y syrup left over .. you serve that over ice cream! 🙂

Last weekend we did a taste test — spiced apple rings and applesauce.  We decided to make as many spiced apple rings as we can while we have crunchy apples and then I can use any apples to make applesauce.  The hard part about putting food up like this is that you have to get it while it’s available — get all you want for the year while it’s available and that’s a whole lot of work!