Soctober 15, 2012

A different sock . .

I didn’t finish the Circle Socks but I got as far on the second sock as I can without comparing it to the first sock and I forgot to bring that one with me so I started a pair of plain socks — something I can work on while talking and visiting.  I’ve been working on this one a few days and have the heel turned and about half the foot knitted.


The Crazy Parents

It makes my heart happy to see Chad and Nicole having so much fun together, not only with Adalina but enjoying themselves too.

Last night I was about to go to bed and I could hear so much giggling in the back and Chad came through the kitchen saying “Look what I caught!”  I expected it to be some kind of spider but no . . it was Nicole.

Then, it’s “Look, mom . . no hands!”

They were both giggling and laughing but then Nicole decided to tickle Chad . .

I hope they can always have fun together and never forget how to laugh with each other.

Design Wall – October 15, 2012

Since there was absolutely no sewing for me this past week, I’ll just share again the same blocks that are on my design wall.

What’s on your wall?