The Quiet of the Country

Some folks find it hard to survive in the country . . with the quiet and the darkness and distance between houses/neighbors.  Some folks, like me, find it difficult to live in the city, with the noise, the lights, the closeness of neighbors. No one place is right for everyone and even if you know exactly where you would like to live, there are often circumstances that prevent you from living in your “utopia”.

Chad and Nicole’s current place is right off the main street, right next to the fire department/police station.  The police are coming and going all the time (thankfully!).  There’s a lot of noise – loud cars, booming radios, sirens.  There are so many street lights around here that I could almost read from the light coming through the windows.  It has been a perfect place for them in that it’s close to work, close to grocery stores and close to their friends who live in town.  The noise and light doesn’t seem to bother them at all but after having lived out in the country, with no street lights, and no noise during the night, I’m so thankful to be out of the city and living where we live.

Without street lights or security lights (no  . . we do not want them!), the stars are so bright.  I’m not sure I had ever seen stars so bright before we moved to Texas.  I probably had because my grandparents had lived way out in the country with no street lights or night lights.  I’m always amazed at the phases of the moon and how much lighter the night is when there’s a full moon and how very black it is when there’s just a sliver of a moon.

I understand there are amenities in most cities that I’ll never have and if ever I have to move to a city, I’ll make the best of it but for now, I hope I can stay in the country forever!

One question that baffles me is . . why does a dog barking at night make me so aggravated but a rooster crowing before daylight doesn’t bother me at all?

Just a few questions that run through my mind . . .

Where do you prefer to live? Country or city?  Are you there?  Do you hope to get there?  What happens if you want city and your spouse wants country, or vice versa?


Cookie Supply Shopping

Nicole and I each have this cookie book.

It’s Decorating Cookies by Bridget Edwards and I think it’s an excellent book.  Decorated sugar cookies are one of my favorite things to eat and make and I’ve never been very good at decorating . . I just love eating the icing.  There are so many tips and suggestions in this book.  With this book, I think I can become an excellent cookie decorator.  If not, I’ll still be an excellent cookie eater! 🙂

So, Nicole and I went shopping for cookie decorating supplies.  (Look at Chad back there fixing dinner while Nicole and I play with our loot!)

Here’s our cooking decorating loot!  The big pile on the right is Nicole’s stuff.  She got a cooling rack, all kinds of cookie cutters, some sprinkles and shimmering sugar.  We both got disposable icing bags, tips, meringue powder, coloring gel . . all kinds of good things.

We’re hoping to find some time today to make cookies and if we do . . you’ll be the first to see them!  🙂