Our Cookie Making Results

Yesterday Nicole and I decided it was time to test our cookie making  skills.  We had both been reading our new book, Decorating Cookies by Bridget Edwards.  I was so happy to see that the author has a blog with more cookie tips and ideas.  Fantastic!  There’s nothing in this for me but . . the book is a little over $10 at Amazon.  If you need Christmas gifts for those who love to bake or even those who occasionally make cookies and would like to make amazing cookies instead of average cookies, this book is a perfect gift.

While I was finishing up dinner, Nicole baked up a batch of cookies and made heart cut outs.

They cooled and we made icing.  We used the recipe in the book, which was the first time I’ve made Royal Icing using meringue powder. It worked great but I usually use butter, cream, powdered sugar and vanilla for my icing so I kept thinking the icing tasted too much like powdered sugar and was a bit apprehensive but we used it.  Really . . Chad and Nicole decorated the cookies while I watched.

They both did a great job.

Being the great blogger that I am NOT, looks like I didn’t get a picture of the finished cookies.

Then the neighbor came over and we sent cookies home for them. This morning after Chad went to work, Nicole said “Looks like Chad took one with him.”  I said “No, I ate one during the night!”  Those late night feedings are not good for the hips!

We need practice and we need more time.  It was late when we got started.  The icing tasted fantastic so I will use the recipe in the book from now on and not worry about it tasting too much like powdered sugar.

I can hardly wait to get home and find my cookie cutters (wish me luck with that!).  I know where they were in MO but haven’t seen them in Texas.



Family Photo

It just isn’t right for parents and grandparents to live so far from their kids and grandkids.  Let this be known as my formal complaint about the whole situation.  I don’t want to be 10 hours from them.  I will settle for 5 hours between us . . no more!  Good luck with that, Mrs. Judy!

This will have to keep me going til I can see them again.

Adalina is such a happy baby.  Her parents have fun together and fun with her.  This is the kind of posing that was going on while I was trying to get a picture.

Crazy family!!

Last Trip to Nevada

As I am preparing to leave Nevada, MO this trip, it struck me that this is the last time I’ll probably ever come here.  When we’ve moved from other locations, it was always a clean break — we all left together but with Chad having stayed behind in Nevada, I returned to visit.  Next time I visit them, it will be at their new location . . in an area where I will not know my way around, will have no friends.  Even with all the moves we’ve made, it makes me sad for Chad and Nicole to leave their friends in Nevada, to leave Nicole’s family . . she has the sweetest grandparents and I know they are going to be so sad about them leaving.  Her parents will miss them!

There are mostly good memories from our time in Nevada and it makes me a bit sad to think I’ll probably never come back here.  There’s no reason to return unless Chad and Nicole end up back here some day, which could happen.

When we lived in Nevada is when Chad left for college.  That was hard for me.  Then we moved away and he stayed behind.  That was hard for me.  But, time marches on and I suppose this is how life is supposed to happen.

Before leaving, I snapped a few photos from Chad’s porch.

The park across the street from Chad’s apartment.  The only time I remember going there was for a political rally or two.  I never see many people there but it’s a cute little park.  The leaves are pretty and are beginning to fall.

From Chad and Nicole’s porch, I can see the top of the courthouse on the town square.  So many of the towns in Missouri have beautiful squares with the courthouse sitting in the center.

Chad’s little run down storage building is a bit picturesque with the leaves around it.

Time marches on . . whether we’re a willing participant or whether we kick and scream and fight to keep things the way they were.  Today, I feel a bit like a kicker and a screamer.  Like all parents, I’m so thrilled to see the man he’s become, to see the life he and Nicole have together with the baby but I sure do miss having my little boy around! On the other hand, if I still had my little boy, I wouldn’t have Nicole and Adalina and I can’t imagine life without them.