Soctober 19, 2012

A little more knitting  ..

Tomorrow, I think all my spare time will be spent in the garden . . weeding and thinning carrots and beets.  I’ll get some pictures of the garden . . it’s looking fantastic.  There are a few grasshoppers remaining but I haven’t seen much damage from them in the garden.

It’s All In How You Look At Things

Vince and I have an ongoing “discussion” about our different attitudes toward life.  He tends to be more realistic and he tells me that I see the world through rose colored glasses and that I have no real grasp for reality.  Doesn’t bother me . . I get by just fine and a whole lot of that is because I know Vince is taking care of everything and I appreciate that so much.

Here’s a good example of where he would have been frustrated and I laughed and said “this is a great blog post!”.

In the hotel last night I went to bed about 10:30 and never looked at the clock.  I was hoping to sleep late so I set the cell phone alarm for 8 a.m.  At some point, I woke up, decided to go to the restroom, looked at the bedside clock as I was coming back into the room and I thought it said 1:06 a.m.  Great!  I still have plenty of time to sleep!

I never have a hard time getting back to sleep but I lay there and tossed and turned and couldn’t believe the number of doors I heard slamming and people upstairs walking.  What are they all doing up at 1 a.m.?  I decided it must have been folks just coming in.  After a little while of not going back to sleep, I decided to grab the cell phone and read my email.  Oh, my . . the cell phone tells me it’s 7:49 a.m.  I figured the clock in the room must have been wrong.

I rolled over in the bed and looked at it.

Well, that looks close to right — it’s about what my cell phone says.  But, when you stand up and look down at the phone, the top of those numbers aren’t visible and it looks like 1:55 a.m.

There you go . . it’s all in how you look at it.  Stand up and look at it without your glasses and it’s 1:55 a.m.  Lay in bed with your glasses on and it’s 7:55 a.m.

Maybe this little example helps me understand how Vince can see circumstances so differently from how I see them.  He faces the world, looking at things straight on, with his glasses on. He goes to work and deals with the real world — government regulations and budgets and deadlines.  He deals with our investments so he can retire and we can still eat and who knows what else.  I glance at the world, from my angle without paying much attention to any of the things that concern Vince.  From my sewing room, and my little kitchen, and from inside the four walls of my garden . . I see the world totally differently.  Just like it makes a difference if you look at the clock from a level position with your glasses on, or if you’re not seeing it correctly, without your glasses on.

Now that I’ve had this funny little incident with the clock, I’ll probably always be sure to get a better look at the clocks in hotel rooms.  I’ll always probably smile when I think about my “interpretation” of the time.  So much of life truly is how you look at it.

Are you happy with how you see life?  Do you find yourself needing to glance at unhappy situations and maybe not get a full view of what’s really happening?  We all need to live in the real world but sometimes we find it too easy to dwell on the bad things, to keep viewing that train wreck.  If we can’t change things, we need to move on and not dwell on them.

Kind of a “downer” example but if you were to pass a horrible accident, do you slow down and stare and try to see everything, or do you say a prayer for those involved, try to get past it without seeing any of the real carnage?  Often, once you see something, you don’t get it out of your mind.  Be careful what you allow to become embedded in your memory!

With this election coming up, I wonder how many of us have taken in too much of it.  Chad and Nicole do not have cable and the only time the TV was turned on was to watch Duck Dynasty off my computer.  Last night in the hotel I turned the TV on because I wanted to see the news about the dust storm in Oklahoma City.  I had driven through part of it but I was nowhere near where they had the big pile up.  Within 2 minutes of having the TV on, I said “No way! I do not want to hear all this!”, turned the TV off and turned on iTunes.

If you want to see the world in a different light, it may be time to look at it from a different angle!

On The Needles – October 19, 2012

There was a little knitting time this week . .

One sock is finished and the ribbing and a few rows are done on the second sock.  This is one of the heavier Opal sock yarns and I’m using 2.25 mm needles and this is turning out to be a fairly heavy, dense fabric.  It will be fantastic with boots this winter.  Someone asked me last week about the needles.  These are Quicksilver needles by Susan Bates and I love them!  Not everyone who has used them loves them but what I like about them is that they’re slippery but not overly slippery.  There’s so smooth but stitches do not fall off of them.  They’re not wood, they don’t feel like metal.  They’re pretty inexpensive.  JoAnn’s may carry them but they’re not real easy to find.