Printing Blog Posts

Lately I’ve had several questions about printing quilt patterns so I guess I need to explain the print button.

Suppose you want to print Step 1 of Road to Brownwood.  This is the post if you click on it.


If you just print that page, you’re going to get ads and comments and everything else . . about 9 pages I hear!  :)

At the bottom of every post there’s a line of little icons (I guess that’s what you call them.)

See those little half buttons just below the “You may also like – ” pictures?  I’ve drawn a little red arrow to the print button.  If you click that button, that particular post will pop up in a new window.

On the print friendly page, you see this.  You can over around and delete content or pictures .. get rid of anything you don’t want to print.  I deleted all the pictures and this is the page I ended up with for printing.

This makes it much, much easier to print!

Those Darned Roosters

Roscoe is such a sweet little guy.  He stays in his little area, never bothers anyone.  Those darned Dominique chickens . . they are all over the place.  They’re on the porch, they’re in the driveway, they’re in the garden if I leave the gate open, they’re under the carport.  If we leave the storage building door open, they’re in there!  The biggest problem, if you don’t count chicken poop on the front porch, is that they aggravate Roscoe.  Yesterday I was out working in the garden and I saw the Dominique chickens had invaded Roscoe’s space.  I went to chase them back and Wilbur got after Roscoe.  Roscoe is a an excellent “bird”.  He can fly like a robin!  Up he went . . on top of the red chickens’ run.

The Dominique chickens don’t fly.  They might can . . or maybe they can’t but they don’t.  Roscoe knows he can always get up there.  I finished chasing the Dominique chickens away.  As soon as the coast was clear, Roscoe began walking down the PVC pipe towards the edge.

He’s such a dainty little rooster.  And, so graceful.  I think he takes after Vince!  :)

Like walking a tightrope . . he made it just fine to the edge.  You’ll notice the red chickens aren’t concerned at all.  My guess is this routine happens several times a day.

Then Roscoe begins planning his descent.

Splat!  Cleanup on Aisle 3 please!   :)

Not really!  I just couldn’t get a good picture.  He always lands on his feet.  I love watching him land.

Square Spiral Panto

I heard from Keryn Emmerson yesterday and the design I’m using is the 6″ design but there are two of them that nest over each other creating the 11″ (or approximately 11″) design.

Thanks to several readers who pointed out that the panto can be purchased from Digi-Tech.  There’s a paper version and an electronic version.  For those without computerized machines, be sure to order the paper version.  I’m guessing I’m not the only one out here without a computerized machine!  :)

Thanks, Keryn, for a fantastic panto that works on almost every quilt I make!

Another Top Quilted

This quilt makes me laugh.  I still can’t believe I made it  . . it’s so different from what I normally make.  This was made during such a stressful time for us and every time I see this quilt, I still think of that song “When God Fearing Women Get the Blues“.  I guess making a wild quilt is better than some of the things that song talks about.

There’s that Square Spiral panto again!  I so love it.  You do know that I have others I could use . . I just don’t want to use anything but this one.  And, since I only quilt for myself, I can do that!

Next quilt, which is already loaded on the longarm and will hopefully be quilted before this day ends . .

I like this quilt a lot.  It will be another Quilt of Valor.

I’m on a roll . . getting lots of tops quilted but I’m going to have to sit down and get some binding done . . maybe that will be my goal for the end of this week . . get at least 3 quilts bound.