Another Top Quilted

This quilt makes me laugh.  I still can’t believe I made it  . . it’s so different from what I normally make.  This was made during such a stressful time for us and every time I see this quilt, I still think of that song “When God Fearing Women Get the Blues“.  I guess making a wild quilt is better than some of the things that song talks about.

There’s that Square Spiral panto again!  I so love it.  You do know that I have others I could use . . I just don’t want to use anything but this one.  And, since I only quilt for myself, I can do that!

Next quilt, which is already loaded on the longarm and will hopefully be quilted before this day ends . .

I like this quilt a lot.  It will be another Quilt of Valor.

I’m on a roll . . getting lots of tops quilted but I’m going to have to sit down and get some binding done . . maybe that will be my goal for the end of this week . . get at least 3 quilts bound.


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    Oh my gosh that is awesome…my two grandchildren would be fighting over that quilt when they came to visit…both love those colors and would love the it would be something I would have to mark on the calendar as who used it one night/and the next…great job!!!! Glad you made it…you persevered!!!

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    denise russart says

    Your “wild woman” quilt always makes me laugh because when I look at it I see Ruby! That orange down the center sections, with a black eye and little black comb on top of her head and a black beak pointing jauntily upward.. LOL

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    Love this “wild woman” quilt. Is this one of your patterns? Is it in a book. Please share. This could solve some other’s wild woman issues. Thanks Judy. Beautiful quilt.

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    Nancy Garner says

    What a great quilt top,(the orange one) Are you going to publish that pattern?, My great niece saw it and just could not wait for me to make it for her……She thinks It will be done by the time she gets home from kinder-garden this afternoon.
    Thanks for all your great quilts…

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    Debi McIntosh says

    hi Judy, i love both quilts – the first one has eagle profiles on it – was that the intention? I wish I was as productive as you!

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    Kathy says

    This a unique quilt – I see chickens if I look at it one way, and eagles if I look at it the other way – the black can either be a chicken comb or an eagle beak! I enjoy seeing all your quilts, and can’t wait to see the QOV quilted. I also made that one but haven’t decided how to quilt it yet. Thanks for sharing your patterns with us!

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    I love both of those quilts. The colors are fantastic. The top quilt looks like birds heads peeking out of blue foliage. I guess I have a good imagination.Keepm coming.

  8. 9


    LOL! I love it! Proof that quilting is cheaper than therapy – take that stress and throw it into a quilt. And your Quilt of Valor is great – someone is going to get a great deal of joy from it!