Square Spiral Panto

I heard from Keryn Emmerson yesterday and the design I’m using is the 6″ design but there are two of them that nest over each other creating the 11″ (or approximately 11″) design.

Thanks to several readers who pointed out that the panto can be purchased from Digi-Tech.  There’s a paper version and an electronic version.  For those without computerized machines, be sure to order the paper version.  I’m guessing I’m not the only one out here without a computerized machine!  🙂

Thanks, Keryn, for a fantastic panto that works on almost every quilt I make!


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    Michelle F. says

    I think that you are the reason that I bought that panto Judy. I never would have envisioned how great it would look without seeing some of your quilts. Thanks!

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    Back several years ago, when you first showed this panto, I ordered one from Karen. I love it as well, but sometimes have a hard time convincing some of my customers how great it looks quilted — they don’t believe me just looking at the paper copy.

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    Judy, I have not been able to open Digi-Tech website t oorder the panto from them as I really wanted it, so I googled it , found it at Columbia River quilting supplies , it is on it’s way.. thanks for sharing