Those Darned Roosters

Roscoe is such a sweet little guy.  He stays in his little area, never bothers anyone.  Those darned Dominique chickens . . they are all over the place.  They’re on the porch, they’re in the driveway, they’re in the garden if I leave the gate open, they’re under the carport.  If we leave the storage building door open, they’re in there!  The biggest problem, if you don’t count chicken poop on the front porch, is that they aggravate Roscoe.  Yesterday I was out working in the garden and I saw the Dominique chickens had invaded Roscoe’s space.  I went to chase them back and Wilbur got after Roscoe.  Roscoe is a an excellent “bird”.  He can fly like a robin!  Up he went . . on top of the red chickens’ run.

The Dominique chickens don’t fly.  They might can . . or maybe they can’t but they don’t.  Roscoe knows he can always get up there.  I finished chasing the Dominique chickens away.  As soon as the coast was clear, Roscoe began walking down the PVC pipe towards the edge.

He’s such a dainty little rooster.  And, so graceful.  I think he takes after Vince!  🙂

Like walking a tightrope . . he made it just fine to the edge.  You’ll notice the red chickens aren’t concerned at all.  My guess is this routine happens several times a day.

Then Roscoe begins planning his descent.

Splat!  Cleanup on Aisle 3 please!  🙂

Not really!  I just couldn’t get a good picture.  He always lands on his feet.  I love watching him land.