Mr. Bargain Shopper

Yesterday Vince was doing some of his intense online bargain shopping.  I was in the sewing room quilting.  He came over and said “Do you need more Mason jars?”  The answer to that question is always yes!  I have to laugh when I think about Chad coming to clean up and get rid of all our stuff when we’re gone. There will be no shortage of jars.  I hope they’ll all be empty at that point.

Vince found wide mouth pint jars for about $6.50/dozen and wide mouth quart jars for about $7.25/dozen.  Lowes had them on sale recently for probably less but we don’t have a Lowes and Wal-Mart will only price match for the stores we have here. So, he ordered 12 dozen wide mouth pints and 12 dozen wide mouth quarts.  That’s 288 jars.  Sure hope my garden products a lot of carrots and beets!  🙂

Then half an hour later, he comes over and asks “What’s a good price for toilet paper?”  I told him I like to pay .26/roll or less.  Then he grabs a calculator and asks me if I like Quilted Northern.  Yes, that or Charmin.  Then he tells me that he’s found it for .24/roll.  Great.  He left and when I went back to the house, he told me he’d stocked up on toilet paper.

We’re either going to have to come up with a way to store lots of toilet paper or we’re going to have to roll yards . . I guess when neighbors have hundreds of acres, we need a lot of toilet paper to do an effect job of rolling the “yard”.

Soctober 24, 2012

I’m still knitting when I find the time but there’s just never enough time to get everything done.  I’m going to be doing good to get two pairs of socks finished . . especially since I haven’t finished one pair yet.

Yesterday morning I had been running errands and doing this and doing that and when I had a break in the action and was heading over to the sewing room, I realized it was almost time for Vince to come home for lunch.  It was a cloudy day . . I’ve never lived where it gets so close to raining yet never rains.  All morning I just knew we were going to get a good rain but didn’t get a drop.  The clouds just passed on by.  Instead of running to the sewing room for 10 minutes, I sat on the porch, propped my feet up and knitted.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, Vince came driving up.

You can see that I had a visitor on the porch and she left behind a bit of a pile of droppings!  Those darned chickens!  See the avocado tree there in the pot?  Chad and Nicole started that from a seed and gave it to me.

The heel has been turned and I’m starting on the foot portion of the second blue sock.  Maybe I’ll get this finished by the end of the month.

The Other Buttons

For those who asked about the other buttons, you can hover over any of them and a description will pop up without you actually having to click on anything.  To explain them all, I’ll use the same photo from yesterday.

The left button with the “f” is for Facebook.  If you want to share one of my posts on Facebook, simply click that button while signed into you Facebook account. You may have to do a few more steps but this way a piece of most will show up on your Facebook page and your friends can click on it and get to my blog.

The second button from the left, with the little bird is Twitter.  Click on that button and you’re tweeting one of my posts.

The third button from the left, the top of the “g” is used to add a post to your Google bookmarks.  If I post something that you want to bookmark, simply click that “g” and follow any additional directions.

The fourth button from the left, the “@” button is for you to be able to email one of my posts.

The little green leaf is the print button.  Once you click on that, you’re able to save a post as a .pdf file, print it or email it.

The far right red button shows the top of a “p” and that’s for Pinterest.  If you have a pinterest account and would like to pin one of my posts, feel free.  I’m one of those bloggers who love having my posts pinned.

That’s it . . all the buttons are explained.  Sorry I never did this sooner . . didn’t realize so many weren’t sure what they meant.