Black Friday

Here’s another quilt story.  So many of my quilts, and probably yours too, have stories.  My friend, Sandy, lives near Austin.  But, I met Sandy in the early 80’s when she lived in Lake Charles.  The first time I remember seeing Sandy, she was singing in the Christmas play at our church.  She looked about 10 months pregnant.  She had the baby on February 2 – a daughter, Leanna.  I’m not sure how we got to know Sandy and her husband but they ended up being some of our best friends.  They guys did things together, the girls did things together, we did things together as couples.  The baby that was born on February 2 was their second child.  Their older daughter was about 4 years older than Leanna.  This was at the time I was trying so hard to have a baby and I loved Sandy’s girls.  When Leanna was 3 or 4, probably in 1984, they moved to Austin, TX.  I was devastated.  I knew it was crazy but I was so sad that those girls were moving away.  As so often happens, with the distance between us, we grew apart.  Worse, both couples ended up getting divorced.

In about 2001, somehow we got in contact with each other and then we met up on Facebook and have stayed in touch since then, though neither of us have met the other’s husband and we haven’t seen each other since some time in the mid 1980’s.

In 2008, Sandy was working retail and she and I were talking about Black Friday and how rude some of the shoppers were to the workers.  Sandy was dreading working that day.  I decided to make her a quilt and I named it “Black Friday”.

But before I sent the quilt to her, I decided to include it in the last book, 60 Pieced Borders.  I figured Black Friday wasn’t a good name for it so for the book, the quilt’s name is “Working Girl”.  I had told Sandy I had something to send her but never said anything else about it. I was thinking I’d get the quilt back in 2010, once the photography was done for the book, and I’d send it to her then.

AQS usually keeps one quilt from each new book and that quilt travels around to the quilt shows and is displayed in the Author’s Exhibit area.  This is the quilt they chose to keep.  Just last week, I got it back so I’ve now mailed it to Sandy, along with a long story as to why it took so long for me to send it.

Here’s the backing . . Sandy loves cats.

That was probably one of those fabrics I had a hard time using on the back side but I’m glad I did.  And, I’m glad it’s finally on its way to Sandy.

Miss Red Says Hello

During the summer, the cows must’ve been hanging out by the tanks because they sure didn’t come see me much.  Yesterday I was heading out to go get my hair cut.  I glanced over to the fence and there were the cows.  Miss Red always stays behind because she knows I like her the best and I usually find a special treat for her.  Yesterday I ran back to the house and cut an apple in half for her.

She’s a little impatient.  She’s so afraid the other cows are going to come back and she’ll have to share.

Yum, she loves apples.

A side view reveals that Miss Red is going to have a baby . . probably sooner rather than later.

In fact, according to their owner, they’re all going to have babies soon.

Between the chickens and the cows, I think our animal population is growing!