Vince’s Version

Just to prove to you that life is anything but normal at our house, tonight Vince and I were talking about my Little Red Hen blog post.  He looked at me funny and I said “You don’t know the story of The Little Red Hen, do you?  He assured me that he did know the story.  I said . . fine, tell it to me.

First, he told me that she went to town with the three little pigs.  No, Vince, that is not correct.

Then he remembered . . The little hen was real pretty and thought she could get everything she wanted because of her beauty.  No, Vince, that is not correct either.

I had to read him the real story about The Little Red Hen.  I surely hope he remembers it this time.  I guess when I’m reading kid stories to Adalina some day, I’ll have to make sure Vince hears them too and we definitely will not let Vince tell her any stories!


Nicole’s Choice

Nicole has asked for a queen sized quilt.  This is a quilt that will be used and washed often.  Not that it matters . . not even sure why I threw that in there.

I sent her drawings of three possibilities.  She may choose one of these or she may not like any of them.  Of course, she can choose whatever colors she wishes.

The first one I sent her has no borders.  Before I came up with border ideas, I wanted to see if she likes it.

The second one I sent has plain borders but I may change to a pieced border if she likes the quilt.

And the third, which isn’t bright but the colors could be changed, is this:

Which would you choose . . and don’t base it on the colors please.  Those are so easily changed.