Socks #8 Completed

As Soctober, 2012 winds down, my 8th pair of socks for 2012 has been finished.  The 9th pair only needs the toe on the second sock grafted and I will get that done this afternoon.

The yarn is Opal, though I can’t remember which Opal it is.  The pattern is the plain Jane pattern I use so often, which is based on my version of Classic Socks for the Family by Yankee Knitter.

I used 2.25 mm needles for this heavier yarn to make a very dense pair of socks.  These are a gift for a friend who travels way up north quite often and I think they’ll come in handy for her.


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    carolyn says

    Nice Socks! I finished one pair except for the toe closure last week. I was told by my DD who knits more than me that I did the one toe closure wrong…. waiting for a visit from her, or me to her, to see how to do it right! LOL.

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    Eileen Eisner says

    I’ve never finished my socks. If you are ever bored………..I’d send them your way!! Haha