On the Needles – November 2, 2012

I have been a knitting machine . . well, at least compared to what I usually do.  Here’s where I am on my yellow/blue socks.   I think these stripes are matching up pretty nicely so far.  I wish I liked doing two socks at once — it makes it so easy to get everything matched up the same length.  Maybe if I do it enough I’ll get used to it but I seem to stay so tangled up.  The left ball ends up on the right and wrapped around the wrong needle.  I totally lose patience but when I finish both socks at the same time, maybe I’ll be so happy that I’ll try it again.  Encourage me . . please!  🙂


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    Helene says

    Sorry, but I’m a double-point do one at a time girl, but that picture is sure a good argument for doing them both together. It’s beautiful!!

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    Jevne says

    I’ve never knitted socks, but that’s how I knit sweater sleeves. Guarantees both sleeves are the same length and, like you say, nice to have both done.

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    I pull from the center of each ball unlike a GF who pull from the outside. When my 2-at-a-time socks get long enuff, I put the balls inside their respective socks. It keeps the yarn from tangling or rolling across the floor. That’s my 2 cents worth.

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    I love the color my college colors. I have only knit toe up 2 at a time and have not had a big problem with tangles I have both balls of yarn on my left they do get twisted but after an hour or so of knitting I run my hand between the yarns to get all the twists closer to my knitting then drop my knitting below the twist and let it unwind.

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    I knit all my socks 2 at a time. No worries about my gaugc changing between the 1st and 2nd sock. No worries about the feet and legs being the same length.

    I keep 1 ball of yarn on the right and one on the left and watch which way I’m turning. If the yarn strands are crossed, I turn to uncross/untwist them.

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    I knit two socks at a time. I put each ball of yarn in a zip lock bag and place one on each side of my lap while knitting. Each time I turn the needles I arrange the yarn so they are not tangled. Works good for me.

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    Interesting post and replies! Maybe I need to try the 2 at a time thing again. Like for you, it’s always seemed kind of cumbersome for me, and I tend to have problems where the needles meet in addition to the tangling issue….. You have done a great matching job!

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    Sherry says

    I love the way the yarn is working up. Would you consider posting the ball of yarn along with your pretty socks. It makes it so much easier to pick out yarns. I wish I was a knitting machine like you are. I’ve only done two pairs and only want to wear handmade socks. I had better get busy.

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    Rose says

    Practice, makes perfect. Keep at it and it will get easier 🙂 Loving your yarn choices, go you good thing!

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    I am working on getting better with my knitting because SOCKS for my freezing feet are my goal. I love the thought of silk, wool, cashmere socks Oh my! The shift in color on these is fabulous. Keep up the good work.

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    Patricia says

    I love doing my socks 2 at a time, toe up usually. I like to take a ziploc bag and put one skein on each end, then pinch the zipper closed in the middle. Flip the socks and flip the bag in the same direction.. I am scrapsz on ravelry.

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    Go Judy Go!!! Great job you can keep going..the more you do the easier it will get and you will get use to holding the two skeins of yarn..it will be easier and easier..you are so good at what you do..practice makes perfect……those stripes are so darn perfect!!!!!

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    Louise says

    That’s how I always knit sleeves. Yes, it’s annoying, but it feels SO great when both sleeves (or socks) are done at the same time and are exactly the same length.

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    Mel Meister says

    You’ve done a terrific job! The color gradation is perfect! I can’t wait to see these socks finished.

  15. 19

    Dawn says

    someone’s tootsies will be so so pretty in those socks. gawdgeous dahling! I am a newbie at knitting but sounds like many like the method and if it makes one less UFO I am for it! LOL

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    SharO says

    In the few socks that I’ve knitted, I really like two at time and I do need to untangle every so often. I also like to do the toe up. It is so much easier to make them the correct length. But it takes me so long to get a pair made that I lose patience and go on to another project…..

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    Here’s a tip for limiting the tangling. Before starting,put each skein into a container–such as one of those clear deli containers, the sort grated cheese comes in–with the yarn pulled through a hole in the lid. Then after every couple of rounds, check to see if the yarn is twisted. After making many pairs of socks, I sometimes remember to turn the knit portion in the opposite direction at the beginning of a round, but if I forget, it’s easier to untwist at the beginning of the next row. I think the ability to keep the stripes or colors even far outweighs the single sock process, although I realize there are knitters who feel differently.