Design Wall Monday – November 5, 2012

This isn’t my design wall but it’s quilting nonetheless so I’m showing it.  These are all the half square triangles I’ve made for Nicole’s Quilt.  432 of the little rascals. I only needed 400 but because I was using Triangulations™ and made full sheets, I ended up with a few extra.  In the picture, they’ve all been trimmed but not pressed so you’re seeing the back side of the fabric.

They’re in stacks — on the left are for the full blocks, in the center are for the half blocks along the edge and on the far right are the four corner blocks.


  1. 5

    Jevne says

    I must adjust my thinking about quilts. I”ve never made 432 of anything for a quilt, just the thought makes me want to go take a nap. (smile)

  2. 6

    carolyn says

    I started making a quilt this W/E w my grand teen. U should have seen he fce when she realized that we needed 432 1/2 square triangles! We can start w what we have and add more later. I told her. She was appeased She picked the pattern and the color. so she can mark and cut w me. I’ll still end up doing most of it I’m sure.

  3. 7

    CajunBear says

    I love seeing that wonderful organization. I handled a pyramid swap several,years ago and so many did not measure correctly that I replaced them and kept this mistakes. Ow I have a billion of them. I really need to do something with those pyrqmid blocks. Lol

    Hug, Cajun

  4. 9


    I love the triangulations. One quilt I’ve been working on for ages is all HSTs, 1512 of them! They get made into nine-patch blocks and then flipped around to make a secondary pattern. I’ve got most of the blocks together, although I do still have a bunch of three-patch strips that need to be assembled. I hope to finish it soon.