Digging Again

Vince loves to dig.  I’m so lucky because he never minds planting a tree for me, or tilling up another garden spot.  I’m happy as long as he stays off the trencher because I know that means I’ll be without water . . he always cuts a water line as soon as he gets on the trencher.

My main question is . . how many shovels and picks or whatever those things are . . does it take to dig a hole?  I guess one could ask how many sewing machines it takes to make a quilt so I should probably just forget my question.

There’s an RV hookup in this area and we had been using that water  for watering the garden but it isn’t a freeze proof connection and there’s no turn off valve.  If something happens to that line, we have to turn off all the water.  Our house was built to be a deer camp and putting an engineer (Vince) in a house that was built kinda haphazardly almost guarantees that Vince has a project.

So, he’s digging up this line, digging to where it can be deep enough to put the drain below the freeze lines, which is only 12″ here, and then he’ll re-install the RV water connection and put a couple of water hose connections.  We’re going to add a second well as soon as we can get a witcher and driller out here to see where we need to put it.  That second well will be mainly for the garden, will work off a solar powered pump and will also have a hand pump.  Witchers and drillers are in pretty high demand around here and it takes a while to get them out.

Then he saw me over taking pictures of his handiwork and he came at me with the ax!  Not really.  He went to get an ax because there were some roots in the way of his digging.

And . . what about those blue shorts?  In order to get the best possible markdown rock bottom bargain price, you sometimes have to buy what no other human would be caught wearing.  I think electric blue shorts may fall into that category.  Some days I’m just not sure about that man of mine!  🙂


  1. 1

    Roberta says

    Blue shorts are better than the green s hirts. 😉
    Good luck with the well drilling!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2


    Oh, I’m still laughing over the shorts — not that they’re so bad, but because I’ve bought clothes no other self-respecting human being would wear, all in the name of a “good buy”! And that reminds me, I should clean out my closet.

  3. 3


    How large of a solar panel does it take to run a well? We have two wells at our house, and I keep trying to comvince DH we should have the garden one on a solar panel!

  4. 5

    Bessie Hardison says

    When we built our house over 30 years ago our well digger didn’t believe in witchers and would not dig a witched well. When he came out to see where my husband wanted to put the well my husband very nonchalantly tossed a piece of 2×6 on the ground and said “there, that’ll be fine right there” the next day we got my sister-in-law’s father to come out and witch the well. My husband just moved the 2×6 and the digger never knew he dug a witched well.

  5. 7

    Rose says

    Judy … Have you ever considered having Vince cloned? I could do with a good man around my place too 🙂 Just asking is all … 🙂

  6. 9


    It’s too bad I don’t live close to you all. I would have done it for free. I used to witch water – but it has been – um – more than 30 years since I did. Probably couldn’t do it now under any circumstances.

  7. 10


    Oh yeah – the shorts – I had to answer about the water first before seeing Vince in the electric blue shorts. Wasn’t sure whether or not all that brightness would blind me……

  8. 12

    shirley bruner says

    never a dull moment with Vince around…is there? hahaha just love the both of you. sure wish i lived in Texas still so i could hang out with you guys.

  9. 13


    I love that you will get the new well witches. When I was a teen I was present where someone was witching for water. Later I took the forked stick and walked, and was amazed to feel it pull and watch the stick bend down. Perhaps I could have had a carreer!

  10. 14

    Joan in NE says

    Ah come on Judy, they aren’t THAT bad!! Besides who will see them beside you, Speck and the chickens. giggle!!

  11. 18

    Lori-Lyn Dunn says

    Over 30 years ago, mu husband was working for a rock drilling company in Tulsa. He was able to use the drilling rig to drill a water well at his mothers house. She had someone come over and “witch” the well, and sure enough, hit sulfur water at 40 feet down. They drilled it to 150′ for the reserve. Her well to this day puts out 90 pounds pressure- she has a 4 way splitter off the main line, she waters 3 neighbors yards at the same time and has never lost pressure.
    Her neighbor across the street wanted hers drilled the same weekend, exactly 30 feet across the street. The guy wouldn’t spend for the witching, so they drilled where the guy said to put it, and got 150′ of dust. When I asked what they would do with a 150′ foot hole, my father in law said “cut it up and sell it as post holes” He was a quick wit. I absolutely believe in the water witching, and have seen it work every time it is used.
    As for the shorts- you can keep track of Vince when he is out on the property- kinda like a neon sign. LOL

  12. 19

    wanda says

    So funny to hear/read about a witcher. I remember when we had one come to our property and show us where to put the water well back in the late 60’s. I didn’t know people still did this or used them. Thanks for the memory once again.

  13. 21

    Karla says

    The witching wells is an interesting concept and I will have to tell my husband about it. We have property in CO and will have to dig for a well or else have it hauled in and put in a tank. I think the witcher might just be a great idea for us.

  14. 22


    That’s the best kind of man to have, Judy. Hard-working and not into impressing others with flashy clothes. He knows what’s important — keeping you happy!

  15. 23


    And to start the day with a laugh!!! Thank you for that!! Keep him off that trencher, please! It’s so much fun to hear the ongoing “What is Vince up to now?” saga! Life could never be hum-drum for you!!!! Hugs, D