How to Can Beans

Folks!  I’m thinking that the next thing you might ask me to do is can  your beans for you.  No . . I will not!

Two and one-half years ago, I did a detailed blog post about canning beans.  And if you forget about the link, you can always click on the “Recipes” tab at the top and you’ll find the bean post, as well as other recipes, there.


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    SarahB says

    :o) it was because of that post that I started canning everything I could get my hands on it bulk! I love canning the dry beans for the same reasons you already wrote but also because the kids can just grab a jar and use it as a base for any soup or meal they like. Super easy! However, since you brought it up, I would LOVE for you to can my beans for me!!! :o)

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    carol craven says

    I need to know how to cook a pan of pinto beans for country stype eating. I have yet been able to in 30 yrs of marraige. help?