Good Neighbors

We have the world’s best neighbor!  You might remember that a month or so ago, we had a neighbor issue but that’s resolved.  They’re gone!  Now, the good neighbors come over and we visit them . . not every day but often.  They are absolutely the nicest people.  When we mention to someone that these folks live near us and we’ve gotten to be friends with them, all we ever hear is what wonderful folks they are.  How was I so lucky as to get her for a neighbor?  Don’t go thinking we can talk over the back fence.  We are far enough away that we have to get on our little RTVs and drive to each other’s house, but in this part of Texas . . they’re close!

I’ve been giving them eggs and one late afternoon a while back, she called me to meet her at the gate and she gave me homemade chocolate cake and homemade ice cream.

Last weekend, I made a big pot of jambalaya.

I called the neighbor and told her I’d bring some and they could have it for dinner or have it whenever.  I took her eggs, a pair of socks I made her for her upcoming birthday, and a big dish of jambalaya.  She then gave me a bag of peaches and some apricots that she had put up from their trees, and she gave me beef from cows they had raised (not the cows you see in my pictures).  She told me she was just fixing to make a banana cake and they would bring some over to us when it was done.  Oh, it was so good!  SO very good!

A day or two ago, she brought over a blackberry cake!  Yesterday I brought over dinner for them.  I think we’re both having a grand time sharing our culinary creations!  Life in Texas is pretty darned close to perfect!




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    Linda Henzler says

    I used to have a neighbor like that. We lived next to each other for over 35 years.She was married over 68 years when they both passed away. Sure miss them. Their children still own the home and come into town on holidays and they all still get together at the ‘home place’.
    Is that a Lodge casserole dish? Sure do love that color.

  2. 4


    I think we need to come up with new words for “over the river and through the woods” . Like … “Down the dirt lane in my RTV to my neighbor’s house I go!” Glad life is good! 🙂

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    Mary says

    We have a neighbor like that here in Western New York, and before that we had one in Maryland and in Nevada. We’ve always been lucky like that, and as we get older, it’s really nice to have that security.

  4. 8

    carolyn says

    I wish my neighboors would do that. When I first moved in, I made cookies at Christmas for the neighbors. one reciprocated w a plant the other just said thanks.

  5. 9


    How fun is that! I am glad you have a nice neighbor you can talk to and depend on (cause you are way out there) It is really fun to share back and forth that way and she obviously likes to cook too. I’m happy for you.

  6. 10

    wanda says

    Yep you can say that again. I’m so glad you moved to our wonderful state. Most people who live here and have for generations are all like your neighbors. We’re just country folks as they say.

    When growing up we had a little ladder built over our back yards neighbors fence on ours. We just climbed over. High five here is to another good memory Judy.

  7. 11


    I would definitely not be a good neighbor for you. I would love to eat all of the wonderful things you make, but I am not a great cook so I couldn’t reciprocate the way she does. I would be very grateful though and find other ways to show it.