Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Winners

The names for the two winners of Volume 6 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks are:

The issue from Quiltmaker will go to:
Jeanne in East Texas says:

Would love this next issue – have purchased all the previous ones!

The issue coming from me will go to:
Denise :) says:

I love the rainbow-ness of your block — especially with the purples! :)


I have written to both of you so please check your email.


We Have a Baby Chicken!

At least once an hour I’ve been out aggravating those two hens trying to see what’s under them.  The mama wants to peck my eyeballs out!

Just a few minutes ago, I was standing there staring at them and out popped a little head.  I ran to the house (yes, I ran!) to get Vince to come see them.  He couldn’t believe they were hatching  . . not sure what he thought was going to happen.

I was surprised by his coloring but Vince said that’s what they all looked like when we got them.  I sure hope he’s snow white like his mom and dad.  Or, I guess Louise could have started out setting on Tiffany’s eggs.  Who knows what color they will be.

Thelma, the dad, is pacing the floor . . thinking of all the things a new father worries about I’m sure!  :)  When the baby chick chirps, Thelma gets real concerned.  I’m not sure he fully understands what’s going on but heck . . who does any more!

Spinach Pasta

I need to try some other recipes from this book – Making Artisan Pasta.  So many of the recipes look great but I’ve gotten hung up on the Spinach Pasta with the chicken and spinach filling.  With my kitchen being so small, I make the biggest mess when making this.

There’s a mess on one side of the kitchen.

I have a mess on the let side of the kitchen.  It’s a good thing I love this recipe.

The two dishes on the left are for us and the dish on the right is for the neighbor.  She brought the dish to me with a cake in it and I’m taking it back to her with dinner in it.

Sauce is spooned over the pasta, a little Parmesan cheese is sprinkled on top.  The burgundy dish is delivered to the neighbor.  The green dish was baked for our dinner.  The clear glass dish is in the freezer.

And, I should have taken a picture after it was baked but . . I forgot.  This is my current favorite recipe!

Speck Update

Thanks to those who ask about Speck from time to time.  He still has good days and bad days or, more accurately . . he has good days and bad nights.  I can’t believe how few nights I get to sleep all night without getting up with him.

I snapped this photo of him when I was sitting in the chair knitting and he was sleeping on the sofa.  He actually felt good this day.

He has quite a few more days of feeling better than he does feeling bad so for now, we’re just limping along and hoping for the best.  What’s so weird is that on the days he feels good, he runs around acts crazy like a puppy but on the days he feels bad, he will hardly move and he throws up and . . well, you don’t want to know the rest but it’s difficult.  Even with him being so sick, he never ever has an accident in the house.  He’s such a good dog — especially for a dachshund.