Speck Update

Thanks to those who ask about Speck from time to time.  He still has good days and bad days or, more accurately . . he has good days and bad nights.  I can’t believe how few nights I get to sleep all night without getting up with him.

I snapped this photo of him when I was sitting in the chair knitting and he was sleeping on the sofa.  He actually felt good this day.

He has quite a few more days of feeling better than he does feeling bad so for now, we’re just limping along and hoping for the best.  What’s so weird is that on the days he feels good, he runs around acts crazy like a puppy but on the days he feels bad, he will hardly move and he throws up and . . well, you don’t want to know the rest but it’s difficult.  Even with him being so sick, he never ever has an accident in the house.  He’s such a good dog — especially for a dachshund.


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    Judy W says

    We’ve had dachshunds in the past. Love them, and I am always glad for an update on Speck. I also think of him often.

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    thanks for the update on Speck. we also have an elderly dog with health issues – Tucker is 11 now and has always been a very muscular active dog. The last year, he has lost the muscle tone in his rear legs and now we can tell he has hip displaysia. We now realize why he’s always been a bit sensitive when you bump into him – he’s been in pain all his life probably and never really showed it 🙁 Such a strong boy! I hope you have a lot more time with Speck as I hope we have a lot more time with Tucker.

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    Pam Beck says

    Hiya Judy! I don’t know how old Speck is, but my older furbaby just turned 17 on Oct. 17. She too has her good days and bad days. Her legs have lost most of their strength, and she sorta slides around at times. Other times she gets along just fine. She is deaf, but I still talk to her—wish she could still hear me. I know her day will come along soon, so I just treasure each day with her. I rescued another Chihuahua mix a couple of months ago, from a man who was about to shoot her, unless someone took her, so I did. Then I found out she has heartworms. I can’t afford the first line of treatment, so for now, we’re just treating with Heartguard. She’s a sweetie too, just hasn’t been loved in the past. That has changed now. Oh well, didn’t mean to chatter on so. I’m glad that Speck has you and Vince to care for her, she’s a lucky girl. I think about her too. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!!

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    Good to hear an update on sweet Speck! Looks like he’s got a cozy spot to snooze and I’m betting he likes it best when he’s napping and can open one eye and see you. You are so good to him and I know he adores you.

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    Suzy says

    No accidents in the house…he’s not just a good dachshund, he’s an amazing dachshund! We have 3 mini dachsies and if it’s raining….well, let’s just say I’m glad I have a steamcleaner! I always enjoy reading about Speck. I’m glad he has some good days and sorry to hear about the bad days/nights, but I’m glad he has owners who love and care about him so much!