We Have a Baby Chicken!

At least once an hour I’ve been out aggravating those two hens trying to see what’s under them.  The mama wants to peck my eyeballs out!

Just a few minutes ago, I was standing there staring at them and out popped a little head.  I ran to the house (yes, I ran!) to get Vince to come see them.  He couldn’t believe they were hatching  . . not sure what he thought was going to happen.

I was surprised by his coloring but Vince said that’s what they all looked like when we got them.  I sure hope he’s snow white like his mom and dad.  Or, I guess Louise could have started out setting on Tiffany’s eggs.  Who knows what color they will be.

Thelma, the dad, is pacing the floor . . thinking of all the things a new father worries about I’m sure!  🙂  When the baby chick chirps, Thelma gets real concerned.  I’m not sure he fully understands what’s going on but heck . . who does any more!


  1. 12

    daneesey says

    Oh how sweet!! They’re such pretty little chickens — won’t it be fun to have baby pretties running around?! 🙂

  2. 16

    Tam says

    A cute baby peep, as we always called them. And the parents are beautiful. Wonder how many more are under her?

  3. 17

    Diane says

    How exciting! I had to share the good news and everyone here was laughing along with the story.
    We are sure to be transferred after the new year and are dreaming of a few acres with chickens and a few other animals where ever we happen to go. I figure we may never get another chance to do this and if we decide it is more work that we are able to do, we can always change our minds.

  4. 19


    See, I knew all of that TLC you give your chickens would pay off! Congratulations on the first addition of your newest endeavor: a breeding farm! I see more chicken coop building in your future Vince! 🙂