BlogHer TV Survey

You’ve probably noticed the BlogHer TV running over on my right sidebar.  I’ve learned so much by watching those quick videos.  Hilah’s Shrimp Tacos have become our favorite Friday night dinner.  I’ve learned to easily clean a pomegranate.  The Maple Balsamic Reduction is delicious!  I’ve gotten in the habit of watching to see what video is up each time I click on the blog so that when a new one is available, I’m happy to watch it and see what else I can learn.

BlogHer is getting ready to make some “tweaks” to BlogHer TV and they’ve provided this little survey or any of our readers who might want to take a few minutes and give some feedback.  Here’s the info from BlogHer, along with the link to the survey.  Thank you!!


Would you please take a few minutes (no more than 5) to take our survey about watching video online?  Your thoughts are so valuable to us and your opinions will help make better decisions about video content on our site.

Survey Link:


  1. 3

    NancyB in Az says

    I just figured it out! I have Adblock Plus running on my computer. Guess it works…I had to disable it see the ads.

  2. 5

    Ida in Central PA says

    I’ll let you know, but here was a period of time where BlogHer was drastically slowing down the load of pages — not just yours — all of the bloggers that have BlogHer were majorly slow/crashing. I missed a couple weeks of feeds because I just couldn’t get it loaded.

    That said, I don’t ever click on your BlogHer sidebar because of the issues.