The Sofa All Set Up

The furniture movers yesterday couldn’t believe how heavy my sofa was.  My dad and his friend helped me move two or three times and they both told me the last time that they would help me again but the would NOT move that sofa again.  Every time Vince and I have moved, the movers have moaned and groaned about the sofa.  Hopefully it will never leave the sewing room and if it does, it can be chopped into several pieces and taken to the burn pile.  But, really . . I love this sofa.

Tell me you’ve seen a 23 year old sofa that looks better than this!  Or “sits” better than this!  Vince says that it will last forever because I don’t let anyone sit on it.  That’s because I like it and don’t want it to get messed up.  🙂

When we got Speck, we lived in KY and I taught him not to jump on the sofa.  We had a different sofa in the basement and we mostly hung out in the family room in the basement and he was allowed to get on that sofa.  When we moved to MO, we mostly hung out in the family room upstairs and Speck taught us that he was going to get on the sofa so I started putting a slip cover on it.

Here it is with the slip cover on it.  I wash that thing at least once a week and the first time I saw how dirty it was, I knew I’d never have a sofa without a slip cover, especially with the dust and dirt blowing around in central Texas.  I’ll order something prettier for the sewing room.  The tan worked in the house where I didn’t want “pretty” but for now, here’s the sofa all set up in the sewing room.  I have a couple of end tables in the storage room so I think I’m going to get one of those and put at the right end of the sofa, and put a table lamp on it and that will give me a place to keep my knitting.

I thought Speck would be so happy to find the sofa in the sewing room but . . no . . he’s in his usual spot.

The way the sofa faces toward the longarm, Speck can’t see me when I’m sewing if he’s sitting on the sofa.  It’s so nice to be loved! 🙂

Baby Chick Update

We now have four baby bantams.

There was one hen down on this level with the babies but when we opened the door, she stood up and moved back into the nest with the other hen, who was setting on the remaining eggs. Vince put the babies back up in the nest and they were happy to be back under their mom’s warm wings.

The chicken at the very bottom of the picture is pale yellow but I can see some gray tinge at the end of his feathers.  There’s a sold black one and a solid gray one and the one at the top of the picture is the one that hatched first — probably Friday night.  He’s running around everywhere!  They are so cute and so fun to watch.  The two little hens seem to be having a good time with them and the rooster still seems a bit confused about it all.

The Furniture Delivery

We knew the furniture was being delivered on Monday so Sunday evening Vince pulled out the old stove.  The tile work on my countertops is not the best and pieces of tile kind of haphazardly extended into the opening for the stove so Vince got his sander and sanded those edges so they’re all uniform and smooth.

He disconnected the gas and unplugged the stove but left it in the middle of the kitchen.  The delivery guys moved it over to the shop, where we’ll hook it up to a propane tank to be used when we need a second oven.

Yesterday I had made white bread and we almost always have toasted cheese sandwiches when we have fresh white bread.  Vince requested toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch.  I was able to heat the soup in the microwave but . . how was I going to make toasted cheese sandwiches.  It was kinda chilly to go out and do it on the grill but then I remembered the Griddler so I ran upstairs and got it and it made perfect toasted cheese sandwiches.

Shortly after lunch, the delivery guys called and said they were just a couple of miles from the house so I ran down to the gate to let them in.  They took the old stove out and carried it to the shop.  They took the old sofa to the sewing room.  The put the freezer in the shop and they brought the new loveseat into the house.  I guess the only thing I was excited enough about to take a picture was the new stove!  I love the way it looks and so far, I love the way it cooks.  Going from a 12,000 BTU power burner to a 17,000 BTU power burner is going to take some getting used to.  I almost burned someone onions and garlic I was cooking.  The oven heats up very quickly and there’s no gas smell in the house.  I could always smell the old stove when the oven was on.  The house is only 6 years old so it wasn’t really that old but it was probably a very cheap model.

The front left leg that screws up or down for leveling the stove wasn’t working so they had to order a new little housing unit thing for it and they had to adjust all the legs to be equal to the broken one so right now, the stove is sitting a bit lower than the top of my countertop but they’ll fix that within the next week or so.

Amazing what you see in a photo . . there’s a dog toy under the edge of the cabinet!  Our first meal in the new stove . .

Roasted chicken with turnips, kale, cranberry sauce and salad (from the garden), along with homemade Thousand Island dressing.  At lunch, Vince said “Why don’t we plan to go out for dinner so you aren’t rushed when the new stove gets here?”  Huh?  Did he really think I would let that stove sit there more than 10 minutes before I fired it up and cooked something?  I’m happy, happy, happy!!  🙂