Baby Chick Update

We now have four baby bantams.

There was one hen down on this level with the babies but when we opened the door, she stood up and moved back into the nest with the other hen, who was setting on the remaining eggs. Vince put the babies back up in the nest and they were happy to be back under their mom’s warm wings.

The chicken at the very bottom of the picture is pale yellow but I can see some gray tinge at the end of his feathers.  There’s a sold black one and a solid gray one and the one at the top of the picture is the one that hatched first — probably Friday night.  He’s running around everywhere!  They are so cute and so fun to watch.  The two little hens seem to be having a good time with them and the rooster still seems a bit confused about it all.


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    Oh my gosh….they are so cute and just makes you want to pick them up and snuggle them. Bet the mothers wound not like that.
    Have been following the progress and thanks for sharing Judy.

  2. 4

    Roberta says

    Do you have dishes in te pen low enough for the babies??? Mom will show th em how to eat. BUT you might have to encourage one of the hens to take those babies out for food and water. Maybe make a ramp so they can get back into the nest on their own. Just thoughts.

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    Linda in TX says

    Congratulations Grandchick! Do you have to keep a light in there like you do when you get them at the store or do the mom chickens keep them warm? Do they eat chicken food right away or do they have special baby chicken food? I LOVE the way you enjoy everything that goes on around you!

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    Beth C. says

    I’ve been waiting for the baby chick update… made me squeal with delight! You have so much fun in your life!
    Beth in AL