The Furniture Delivery

We knew the furniture was being delivered on Monday so Sunday evening Vince pulled out the old stove.  The tile work on my countertops is not the best and pieces of tile kind of haphazardly extended into the opening for the stove so Vince got his sander and sanded those edges so they’re all uniform and smooth.

He disconnected the gas and unplugged the stove but left it in the middle of the kitchen.  The delivery guys moved it over to the shop, where we’ll hook it up to a propane tank to be used when we need a second oven.

Yesterday I had made white bread and we almost always have toasted cheese sandwiches when we have fresh white bread.  Vince requested toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch.  I was able to heat the soup in the microwave but . . how was I going to make toasted cheese sandwiches.  It was kinda chilly to go out and do it on the grill but then I remembered the Griddler so I ran upstairs and got it and it made perfect toasted cheese sandwiches.

Shortly after lunch, the delivery guys called and said they were just a couple of miles from the house so I ran down to the gate to let them in.  They took the old stove out and carried it to the shop.  They took the old sofa to the sewing room.  The put the freezer in the shop and they brought the new loveseat into the house.  I guess the only thing I was excited enough about to take a picture was the new stove!  I love the way it looks and so far, I love the way it cooks.  Going from a 12,000 BTU power burner to a 17,000 BTU power burner is going to take some getting used to.  I almost burned someone onions and garlic I was cooking.  The oven heats up very quickly and there’s no gas smell in the house.  I could always smell the old stove when the oven was on.  The house is only 6 years old so it wasn’t really that old but it was probably a very cheap model.

The front left leg that screws up or down for leveling the stove wasn’t working so they had to order a new little housing unit thing for it and they had to adjust all the legs to be equal to the broken one so right now, the stove is sitting a bit lower than the top of my countertop but they’ll fix that within the next week or so.

Amazing what you see in a photo . . there’s a dog toy under the edge of the cabinet!  Our first meal in the new stove . .

Roasted chicken with turnips, kale, cranberry sauce and salad (from the garden), along with homemade Thousand Island dressing.  At lunch, Vince said “Why don’t we plan to go out for dinner so you aren’t rushed when the new stove gets here?”  Huh?  Did he really think I would let that stove sit there more than 10 minutes before I fired it up and cooked something?  I’m happy, happy, happy!!  🙂


  1. 1

    Mel Meister says

    Congratulations! I hope you post pics of the sofa out in the sewing room now, too. I lived briefly in a small house that had a HUGE kitchen. I had a sofa in the kitchen! Just love your new stove!

  2. 4

    daneesey says

    Whoohooo!!! Congratulations! What I want to know is, did you really *run* down to the gate to let the delivery crew in?! LOL! 🙂

  3. 5

    Robin F. says

    I’m jealous of your new stove- I’m sitting here waiting for appliance repair guys to fix or trash my stove – the oven doesn’t work. Enjoy all the new goodies

  4. 6


    I love the looks of your new cooking range. I frequently contemplate buying a new range to replace my 30 yr. old gas GE. I actually go into appliance shops and look and touch them all—kinda like fabric shopping, but never buy one. Unlike fabric shopping! :o) Could you tell us what brand, and do you know if it has real metal control knobs. Or are they plastic? that look like metal? Are the grates all one piece. Or sections that are easy to lift out? Thanks for more info. Oh, Did you get a “blue oven”? I remember you liking the range with the “blue oven” at one time.

  5. 10

    Debbie Rhodes says

    curious is the bottom drawer… a warming drawer I have one and it really comes in handy when having family over for Thanksgiving…

  6. 11

    Carolyn Sullivan says

    Oh so exciting! I have a concern about the web page. this past week Ihave started to have to reenter my email address & name
    also the “enter your comment here” statement does not erase when you type. I type over it. I get your emails,and this is a recent change.

  7. 12

    Micki clemens says

    Good luck with it! I never turn down invites to go out to eat. Mostly don’t enjoy cooking anymore.

  8. 13


    I’ve been able to cook on new stoves twice in my life (although I’ve cooked on quite a few just new-to-me stoves). I understand what you mean about being eager to do that. Your new stove is gorgeous!

  9. 16

    Diane says

    I am so happy for you! We were just talking about getting propane run into the house and buying a new stove and water heater. Then we got news of another transfer. 🙁
    I hope the next house has natural gas, if not I will have propane installed first thing!!
    Is the stove a Samsung? I can’t read the name clearly. I was looking at stoves and found one that looks like yours and almost ordered it. Glad I hesitated now.