The Sofa All Set Up

The furniture movers yesterday couldn’t believe how heavy my sofa was.  My dad and his friend helped me move two or three times and they both told me the last time that they would help me again but the would NOT move that sofa again.  Every time Vince and I have moved, the movers have moaned and groaned about the sofa.  Hopefully it will never leave the sewing room and if it does, it can be chopped into several pieces and taken to the burn pile.  But, really . . I love this sofa.

Tell me you’ve seen a 23 year old sofa that looks better than this!  Or “sits” better than this!  Vince says that it will last forever because I don’t let anyone sit on it.  That’s because I like it and don’t want it to get messed up.  🙂

When we got Speck, we lived in KY and I taught him not to jump on the sofa.  We had a different sofa in the basement and we mostly hung out in the family room in the basement and he was allowed to get on that sofa.  When we moved to MO, we mostly hung out in the family room upstairs and Speck taught us that he was going to get on the sofa so I started putting a slip cover on it.

Here it is with the slip cover on it.  I wash that thing at least once a week and the first time I saw how dirty it was, I knew I’d never have a sofa without a slip cover, especially with the dust and dirt blowing around in central Texas.  I’ll order something prettier for the sewing room.  The tan worked in the house where I didn’t want “pretty” but for now, here’s the sofa all set up in the sewing room.  I have a couple of end tables in the storage room so I think I’m going to get one of those and put at the right end of the sofa, and put a table lamp on it and that will give me a place to keep my knitting.

I thought Speck would be so happy to find the sofa in the sewing room but . . no . . he’s in his usual spot.

The way the sofa faces toward the longarm, Speck can’t see me when I’m sewing if he’s sitting on the sofa.  It’s so nice to be loved! 🙂


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    I have a hide-a-bed in my studio (no place for it in the house). For the first couple of years we used it as a guest room when we had company but now I have so much stuff over there that company either stays in my room or in a motel. However, DH likes to visit every once in a while and the sofa is great for him: I have a recliner for when I need to do sit down work.

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    I like the tan — it’s a perfect backdrop for quilts! I know what you mean about heavy sofas — before we moved into this house I had a leather 1930s set. As much as that thing weighed, it could have been made of cast iron. I barely convinced hubby to let me keep the arm chair and ottoman. He had to take doors off to wrestle that down the hall and into teenage daughter’s room.

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    Kd says

    I know you can make some beautiful quilted throw pillows for your nice sofa. You are one lucky girl to have such a nice quilting room. Love your blog!

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    [email protected] says

    Very nice! Speck looks cozy! Give him a big fat hug for me!

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    krisjacobson says

    Didn’t you say new sofa had a recliner on each side? If you can find a slip cover that will work for your new sofa let me know. I have a loveseat with two recliners and have been looking for a slip cover that will work with the recliners.