Sometimes things get wonky on the blog.  WordPress has updates and sometimes they cause weird things to happen.  I’ve received a few emails about comments.  Some are telling me that they see weird things when they try to type comments.  Other than WordPress updates, I haven’t changed a thing and I don’t think my wonderful blog lady, Sara, has either.

One thing I know is that a whole lot of your comments are being held for moderation.  The only reason a comment should require moderation is (1) if it’s the first time you’ve left a comment or (2) you use a forbidden word and I’m not sure that’s ever happened.  Even if you comment all the time, if you’re in a hotel or on someone else’s computer, the comment may be held for moderation because I think it’s all sorted out by IP address.  I know that I’m having to approve comments from many who are faithful readers and often leave comments.

It isn’t something I’ve done and it isn’t something Sara has done.  I’m confident that it will all work itself out in a few days or a week or so.  It’s happened before and it will happen again I’m sure.  It’s technology!  🙂

Please bear with me and thank you for reading and commenting!!

Favorite Fabrics

Do you have a favorite fabric?  A brand?  A type?   My favorite is probably Michael Miller Krystal, followed closely by Andover Dimples.  I keep telling myself that I can cut way down on the amount of fabric I have here if I will just use everything and then get one bolt of every color of Krystal fabric but that’s never going to happen.  Oh, I may order one bolt of every color of Krystal but I doubt I ever use all the fabric I have here . . not in this lifetime!

But one type of fabric that I so rarely use is batik.  I love to the look of it and I love sewing on it but I don’t know why I shun it.  Considering the amount of fabric I have, my batik collection is relatively small.

One shelf  . . that’s all I have.  Maybe I need to go shopping for batiks.  What do you think about that idea?

My current project uses all batiks.  I love how they press.  I love the smell and the crispness of the seams.

So, tell me . . . what are your favorite fabrics and why.

November Quiltathon

The November Quiltathon kinda slipped up on me.  I’m in the middle of a mad rush to clean house.  My parents are coming next week. They’ve never had a pet in the house and they’re not real crazy about pets.  We have three beds and we sleep in them all . . not sure why we do that but we do and Speck sleeps with us so I’m having to wash the quilts, the sheets, the mattress covers on the beds mom and dad will be using.  This morning I cleaned mini blinds.  I’ve always been a medium to bad housekeeper and have gotten by but with the dust and dirt and wind constantly blowing the dust and dirt around and into the house, I just can’ believe how dirty things get.  It’s more than dust — it’s dirt!

I have baby back ribs read to load on the smoker and I’m fixing baked sweet potatoes and cheese grits with them.  Dinner tonight will be quick and easy so after lunch, I plan to get back in the sewing room and start sewing.

My current project is for Quiltmaker magazine so I will not be showing my progress but I will be reporting on my sewing efforts.  Hope someone is “quiltathonning” with me.