Sometimes things get wonky on the blog.  WordPress has updates and sometimes they cause weird things to happen.  I’ve received a few emails about comments.  Some are telling me that they see weird things when they try to type comments.  Other than WordPress updates, I haven’t changed a thing and I don’t think my wonderful blog lady, Sara, has either.

One thing I know is that a whole lot of your comments are being held for moderation.  The only reason a comment should require moderation is (1) if it’s the first time you’ve left a comment or (2) you use a forbidden word and I’m not sure that’s ever happened.  Even if you comment all the time, if you’re in a hotel or on someone else’s computer, the comment may be held for moderation because I think it’s all sorted out by IP address.  I know that I’m having to approve comments from many who are faithful readers and often leave comments.

It isn’t something I’ve done and it isn’t something Sara has done.  I’m confident that it will all work itself out in a few days or a week or so.  It’s happened before and it will happen again I’m sure.  It’s technology!  🙂

Please bear with me and thank you for reading and commenting!!


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    Periodically I, also, have to “approve” a comment/reply from someone who has been a faithful/ongoing commenter. It seems to happen without any rhyme or reason!!! Then all’s quiet for a while!

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    Ida in Central PA says


    I was having issues leaving comments when I used firefox at work. I changed to safari and was able to leave a comment. The ‘comment box’ area, just didn’t grow … it stayed one size, no matter how much I typed. So, leaving a long comment meant that it pushed the email and name lines and even the ‘post comment’ button down under to a place where I couldn’t see/access them.

    When in doubt, try refreshing. If that doesn’t work, try another browser.

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    Rosalie says

    Your area to leave a reply has changed….used to be that it would already have my email and name and I would just write the comment and then click on “Post Comment”. However, now I have to fill in my email and name and then click on post comment. Also in the Leave a reply box, you are typing over the words “enter your comment here….” Just different and takes a minute longer.

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    Thanks for letting us know! I thought it was just me. I even went to another wordpress blog & left a reply to see if i had the same issues, but the other site worked ok. I check your blog first thing in the AM & last thing in the PM. Thanks for all you do! B

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      Ps, this last post worked flawlessly: i didn’t have to type over the default letters in the box; i didn’t have to enter in my name, email, or blog, the screen didn’t do wierd jumping around things nor was my comment held for moderation! Seejs like all’s well! B

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    Mel Meister says

    I posted a recipe once that never went through here. I’m fairly sure it was because there was a link in it as I always link back to the original recipe to give credit.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Judy, my problem was the same as Rosalie. Last time and this time. I am typing over “enter your comment here…” and have to add my email address again. You type over the instructions there too. “Email (required) is underneath my e-mail address as I type. Just so you know.

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    Carolyn says

    ditto. it doesn’t have me as a memeber on Word press, I’m tried to re enter my info too and it isn’t going. I think it is there issue

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    Just testerdd to see if it worked. I had tried typing away from the letters in the box and that didn’t work. So helpful comments here helped me. Thanks!