November Quiltathon

The November Quiltathon kinda slipped up on me.  I’m in the middle of a mad rush to clean house.  My parents are coming next week. They’ve never had a pet in the house and they’re not real crazy about pets.  We have three beds and we sleep in them all . . not sure why we do that but we do and Speck sleeps with us so I’m having to wash the quilts, the sheets, the mattress covers on the beds mom and dad will be using.  This morning I cleaned mini blinds.  I’ve always been a medium to bad housekeeper and have gotten by but with the dust and dirt and wind constantly blowing the dust and dirt around and into the house, I just can’ believe how dirty things get.  It’s more than dust — it’s dirt!

I have baby back ribs read to load on the smoker and I’m fixing baked sweet potatoes and cheese grits with them.  Dinner tonight will be quick and easy so after lunch, I plan to get back in the sewing room and start sewing.

My current project is for Quiltmaker magazine so I will not be showing my progress but I will be reporting on my sewing efforts.  Hope someone is “quiltathonning” with me.


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    Tonight, I will be working on quilting a quilt that is already on the frame and maybe getting some fabric ready to cut. Same for tomorrow – quilting and fabric prep which will hopefully include the cutting! I’m ready!!

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    p says

    I am quilting with you! Thank you for organizing this each month even when you are busy. It is motivating me to finish some things 🙂

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    I am – and decided that I could “direct” my energies towards specific goals per day – and hope like crazy to get even a PART of that done! So far I’ve uploaded pix on my blog of my intended goals – with exception of 2 – one of which I had changed somewhat from what I had started with – and the other I just didn’t take a picture! Will post one later on that – so far it is really cute! But THAT one is a hand project and therefore to be done in front of a movie!

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    I’m heading to a quilting retreat tomorrow morning, so I expect this to be a real “quiltathon weekend” for me. 3 days of nothing but quilting! I can’t wait. In the meantime, however, I packed 2 days ago, so I could make sure I didn’t forget anything – but it means I can’t sew now, because all my tools are packed 🙁 So yesterday I cleaned my sewing room, built a shelf, and found my cutting table. Tonight I hope to finish the quilt that’s on my long arm.

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    I’ll be joining you! I’m going to try to do a bunch of blocks toward finishing the 3rd quarter of my Just Takes 2 quilt!
    Thanks Judy!
    Take care, Leslie

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    Micki clemens says

    I was so glad to hear about your cleaning efforts cause they sound like mine! There are so many more important things than cleaning, and fun too! Have a good visit…

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    Sibyl Scott says

    I will join you this weekend, I am working on a project and hope to have it finished by Saturday. Been working for a good month or so on it. But I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Still unpacking from our move, but next time. This weekend, I’ll be unpacking all my fabric and quilting items and will find numerous UFO’s which always make me cringe. And I promised you I’d work on the Patriot Quilt–that will have to wait to Jan. Way too much to do just getting organized. Good luck to everyone participating.