Turned the Heel

Lately it seems that I have made only socks that blend in with the blue quilt that’s always on my lap.

The heel has been turned on the socks I’m making . . both at once on the two circular needles.  When using this method to make socks, the heel always confuses me so I was happy to get past that point.  I would not have chosen yellow for the heel but with the striping yarn, I’m never sure what will end up where.

My goal is to get these finished and get another pair on the needles so I can have those to knit on while mom and dad are here.  I only have two sets of needles this size and I have to pay attention to cast on using this method so if I can finish these, and get more cast on, then I can mindlessly knit if I get a chance while mom and dad are visiting.  Maybe I’ll knit something that isn’t blue!

The Rest of the Chickens Update

The four baby chicks are growing and running around.

You can barely see two of them right next to the food container.  We put a heat lamp in there since it was dropping down to 25 degrees on Tuesday night and they seem to have made it just fine.

Twelve of my 13 red laying hens are pretty normal.  Not much to write about.  Then, there’s Miss Hattie, that wild red head!  She is the funniest chicken.  Notice I didn’t say she’s smart — just funny!

She went for about a month that she didn’t escape.  I thought for sure we had solved the problems with her getting out.  The reason I don’t want her out is because if danger threatens, she doesn’t have a clue what to do.  Roscoe can fly up in the trees and get away but Miss Hattie isn’t much of a flying chicken.  Last week, she was out.  I thought she was getting out around the ramp that leads to the coop so Vince fixed that but she’s still getting out.  Every single day for the past week or so, she’s out within a few minutes of me letting them out of the coop.  I still can’t believe that the remaining 12 chickens never once get out and Miss Hattie gets out every single day.  She’s found her favorite place to lay her eggs outside, and though they aren’t easy to retrieve, at least I know where they are and I am able to get them.

When I go outside, she comes running up to me and she follows me around.  I was working in the garden yesterday and she came in and found the strawberry patch.  I think we’ll have to beat Miss Hattie into the garden if we hope to get any more strawberries!  🙂