Grandbaby Update

How about a picture of my sweet grandbaby who looks exactly like her dad at that age (no hair and all!) but from seeing her mom’s baby pictures, she looks exactly like her mom too!  She’s a little over three months.

Don’t those little cheeks look so kissable?  Let’s see . . if I leave right now, what time would I get there?  It’s so hard not being able to spend any of the holidays with them but . . I’ll just have to deal with it.


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    wanda says

    Judy, Now you know why the y call them Grand. I don’t know how you do it . I took care of my grandbaby from the time she got out of hospital at age 7 weeks old till she went to school. Then I help her teachers 2 days a week. Still do and she is 14. So give them time just maybe they will come to our great state and live too.God knew what he was doing by giving us grandchildren……
    love wanda

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    What a cutie!! I don’t know what I would do If I couldn’t see my granddaughter for months on end! She is the sunshine in my life!! If I don’t get to see her for a week, I make her daddy post pictures of her on-line so I can look at them when I’m missing her.

  3. 12

    Mary says

    I get to see Rae one last time tomorrow before we leave for home. Thank goodness for emailed photos and FaceTime.

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    Three months old already? That doesn’t seem possible. She is getting big already. She is a sweety for sure. You are so blessed to have an angel like that for a grandbaby… if they would just move closer, huh?

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    Micki clemens says

    That face is so kissable! My grand kids are750 miles away, and it’s hard bec. U do miss them. Oh well. Micki

  6. 17

    Kathy in OR says

    I know just how you feel. Our son & daughter in law had our first granddaughter here in OR in June and now our daughter and son in law are having our second granddaughter in TN at Christmas. How am I going to divide myself in half at the holidays?

  7. 21

    Donna F says

    She is beautiful. Thank God my grandson lives with me. I’m not sure for how long but I know I’m getting in some good nana time with him. He’s 5 months old and is so much like his mom (my baby). He may end up being the only grandbaby I get so I’m cherishing every day with him. I love being a nana but I have learned I’m more nervous about him than I was my own. He’s the sweetest thing in the world! Enjoy that baby before she grows up.

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    Awwww … she’s positively adorable! I feel your pain – my grandkids are in Florida and Texas, and I’m in Ohio. Waaaaay too far away from them. Thank God for the internet and digital pictures! 🙂 Y’all have a happy Thanksgiving!

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    Marie Gilkey says

    She is just a sweetie pie!! Wednesday we were given our first Great Granddaughter, Samantha Elaine “Sammy E” and she is adorable. She was 6.6 and 19 inches long and she has RED hair, just like her momma, her Papa, who passed away at 36, and her great grandma. Got to see her for about 2 hrs and we had to leave to come back home. She is a keeper!!! So take every minute you can get cause they are gone in a blink of an eye!!!