Vince is Cleaning

And, he even found something he could throw away!  Mark this day on your calendar . . Vince is throwing something away!

A sock with a hole in it.  I’m sure I could have darned it and he could have gotten more wear out of it . . thank goodness he didn’t think of that!

Baby Chicks

I could sit and watch them all day!  They are so cute and so fun to watch.  You wouldn’t believe how fast they are.  When we’ve bought our baby chicks before, they were always 1 or 2 days old and we kept them in a fairly small container.  They never knew their parents and they were shipped out almost as soon as they hatched.  They spent a day traveling across the country, arrived at a feed store where gawkers (like us) would come in and check them out, sometimes we would buy them and bring them home where they got stuck in yet another weird container.  But these babies hatched, looked around and saw mom and dad and never got shipped, never arrived at the feed store and have never seen humans except for Vince and me and our two neighbors.

Here’s all four of them together, at the feet of their dad.

This looks like a serious father/daughter discussion!  I’ve read that you can’t tell the sex of Silkies til they’re at least six months old and for us, we probably won’t know til they lay eggs or start crowing so no, I do not know if they’re girls or boys.  I want them to be girls because we can’t keep roosters.

Here’s Tiffany teaching them to scratch and find goodies in the shavings.

You’ll notice (1) that Louise is giving me and the camera an evil eye and (2) that three babies are listening attentively.  One, the first one that hatched, is off on his own . . not even listening to his mom’s instructions.

A Beautiful Tree

My neighbor has been busy this week at her church helping with Operation Christmas Child.  She called me yesterday and asked me to pass by her church and see the beautiful tree.

It’s definitely a Texas/Ranch style tree.

Darn!  My picture is blurry but the tree is decorated with balls covered in various feathers — turkey feathers, bird feathers . . all kinds of feathers.  I could have given them some rooster feathers!  And, look at the antlers in there . . lots of antlers . . all from my neighbor!

It’s a beautiful tree and so neat for this area.