Turkey Overload

You know how I detest leaving home.  I would be so happy if I never had to leave home.  I could order everything I need and UPS could bring it.  I could email Vince my grocery list and he would gladly shop for me.  Well, that’s not exactly how my day went yesterday.

When there’s lots of groceries to be bought for a holiday, I like to do it myself.  With company coming for Thanksgiving, I had a lot to buy.  Our Brookshire’s store had a deal on turkeys.  Let’s call this “Turkey Deal #1”.  If you buy a Butterball, you got all kinds of stuff free — things like a can of green beans, a can of broth, a can of sweet potatoes, a container of fried onion rings, a can of cream of mushroom soup, a 2 liter drink, an aluminum cooking pan . . it was about a $15 value so my Butterball ended up costing about $10.  I bought other things on sale that I needed for Thanksgiving.  I went home and unloaded the groceries and was going back to Kroger.  I called Vince and told him I probably would not be home for lunch so he suggested we meet and eat Italian for lunch.  We did.  Then I went to Kroger where I got “Turkey Deal #2”.  By the time I bought what I needed from there, I got a free turkey!

I went home and put those groceries away but Vince wanted me to go back to Brookshire’s because they had coffee on sale.  When I went back, I realized that they had “Turkey Deal #3”.  If you buy a Hormel spiral cut ham, which was about $2.50/pound, which is way less than we pay for deli ham, plus I get a bone for soup . . you got a free turkey!

Friday morning, I had no turkeys in my freezer.  Friday afternoon, I had three!

Thank goodness for an empty new freezer.  Oh … Kroger has Blue Bell ice cream for $3.99.  Apple pie and ice cream is on my menu one night next week.

There’s a turkey in my fridge thawing.  I’m hoping it will be thawed by Monday so I can give it the rub down with coarse Kosher salt, fresh rosemary and black pepper and let it sit til Thursday morning.  Once it gets thawed and rubbed, it will go into the cooler so I can have space in the fridge to cook several Thanksgiving dishes ahead and keep those in the fridge.  My kitchen is going to be a busy place from about Monday til Thursday.


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    vivoaks says

    I’ve discovered in the past couple of years that I prefer a Butterball turkey. They were never available here until a new retailer showed up with them. The first year I used a Butterball, it was Sooooo juicy, I could hardly believe it! Now I always go for the Butterball! And there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with stocking up on turkeys when they’re on sale!! Well done!!!

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    ga447 says

    I hate to leave home also, I like staying put. I use to travel a lot but now the best place is at home.

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    Carolyn says

    Sounds Like a good plan! I was going to tell you to save money, make ice and fill your freezer w that. Even plastic milk jugs filled and allowed to freeze will help keep your freezer colder for less cost.

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    I love turkey – and usually get at least 2 – one for now and one later – then AFTER the meal divide everything up into meal size portions and put into baggies, and freeze that, and make turkey soup like crazy which I use in place of chicken stock for as long as it lasts! Yum – I’m making myself hungry!

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    I could use your almost empty freezer. 🙂 By the time I got the last package of deer burger put in last night all three of ours are level full, with a few things moved to the fridge freezer. Admittedly, they aren’t very big freezers, but they are FULL. Told DH he needs to take up knitting or something because he can’t bring home any more stuff that needs to go in the freezer. Also told him he might as well forget about muzzle-loader season because there’s no room for another deer. He thought if he shot a small one we could can it and see how that works. Sometimes I think he’s afraid of starving or something. LOL With full freezers I can’t even take advantage of really good deals if they happen. What if ice cream goes on sale really cheap??!!!?

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    I love having an extra turkey or 2 in the freezer. We like another one in Feb and one in the summer. It’s nice to have the extra room for them.
    Have fun cooking!

    Linda in NE–canned venison makes wonderful sandwiches. I can it in pints and that’s the perfect amount for 2 people.

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    Natalie L says

    I have two quick questions about the dry rub/brine, if you don’t mind. How much of a “rosemary” flavor do you actually get when you use this method? I absolutely *LOVE* how this sounds and would do it in a heartbeat, however, my MIL is not a fan of rosemary. If it’s a very subtle flavor I think I can still get away with it, but I don’t want to ruin her turkey! My other question is about skipping the rosemary – would you recommend this method if I left out the rosemary and just did a dry rub with the salt and pepper? I’d much rather do a dry rub because it preserves the moisture in the bird. Hmmm…. decisions decisions!!!

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    Mel Meister says

    We were able to get turkeys for .59 per pound. We bought four. We always cook two for Turkey Day, roast and smoked. But since it was so cheap, we bought two more.

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      Helen Koenig1 says

      you are SOooooooooooooo lucky to get turkeys at that price! Here in MA folks think it is a big sale to get turkeys for $1.19 a pound! And in IL BEFORE I moved it was quite a nice sale to get turkeys for 89c a pound! What part of the country do you live in? I want to move there! (re 59c a pound price)