Vince is Cleaning

And, he even found something he could throw away!  Mark this day on your calendar . . Vince is throwing something away!

A sock with a hole in it.  I’m sure I could have darned it and he could have gotten more wear out of it . . thank goodness he didn’t think of that!


  1. 1

    Carol Morgan says

    My hubby Frank is te same way he hates to trow away socks.So times they get so bad the washer eats them if you know what I mean lol

  2. 4

    Betty says

    Did you feed him something specail before this….I am looking for the secret to getting my husband to throw out socks with holes????/

  3. 5

    Maria do Carmo says

    Meu Deus são todos iguais…..Minha avó tinha um ovo de madeira para costurar meias e cotovelos de blusas de lã,era lindo,você gostaria de tê-lo.Não para costura mas…tudo com suas galinhas lindas,beijo

  4. 6

    VickiT says

    Oh Judy You really should have waited until trash day to mention the darning of that sock. Doesn’t he know where you hide the trash? You might find that sock laying on your sewing table by tomorrow if he reads your blog. LOL

  5. 9

    Carolyn says

    LOL! DH is cleaning for T-day, but he made the mess. And as I throw them I way I can be heard exclaiming” DARN SOCK”!LOL!