Outdoor Sink

It’s been forever since I had a fall garden.  Living in Kentucky and Missouri, our winter came too quickly and were too harsh.  In the summer garden, it’s mostly tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, eggplants, squash . . things like that which aren’t real dirty.  There are a few radishes and beets in the summer garden but with the fall garden, everything I pull up is dirty.  Every night we have a salad from the garden and I grab lettuce, chard, carrots and beets.  Since I’m still in the process of thinning, I pull up the roots and all and I’m bringing so much dirt into the kitchen sink, which is all going down the drain into the septic tank.  Not good!

I was telling Vince that we need to come up with a plan where I can wash veggies outside.  His first idea was a plastic bucket.  I didn’t like that idea but we kept thinking about it and ended up ordering this:

He’ll set it up outside, run a cold water line to it and have the drain where we can run it to the garden or around fruit trees since it will be just plain water and dirt.  Remember all those extra outside tables Vince bought when outside furniture was on sale?  He’ll set one of those up on one side of the sink, or maybe set one up on both sides of the sink since we have several tables not being used, and I’ll have a great place to wash and trim the veggies before I bring them in.  I can keep a bucket out there and throw the trimmings in and then easily give those to the chickens.

Life is getting so easy around here!  🙂


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    I LOVE that idea! I wouldn’t be able to do something like that all year aroung here in MA – BUT – it sure would save an awful lot of mess from May 1 to Nov. 1!!!! Both in terms of cleaning and trimming veggies as well as just plain cleaning ME up after my grubbing in the garden! Empty sink can sit in the basement over winter – sounds REALLY good! Thx for the idea!

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      We’re going to just use a water hose with a spray attachment and we can disconnect it easily for the freezing nights but we’ll leave the sink set up all winter but . . we don’t have a whole lot of winter here.

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    Kim says

    You luckey duck! I got the bucket and hose. But you have given me an idea…..convince myy husband that he needs a sink in the gargage for washing greasey grimmy working on the 67 Mustange hands!

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    Carolyn says

    GREAT idea!!!! even here in Ohio I could see me using it. Except the DEER ate my whole garden this summer… I think Ineed electric fencing

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      Carolyn, if you look back on my blog, you can see the fence we used in MO and here and it’s kept out the deer. We have tons of deer here and did in MO too and have never had a deer get past the fence. It’s easy to install, inexpensive and if you live where children could wander into an electric fence, you don’t have to worry about that with our fence.

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    I have the same thing, and I love it! Mine is a single tub, because that’s all we have room for, and no tables, but it sit’s nest to the grill, so I use that counter space. So terrific for washing hands, vegetables, filling watering cans, etc. Of course, we have to turn the water off in the winter, but by then we’re not outside as much, anyway.

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    This is a great idea. We used to have an outside sink to wash the dogs and it was wonderful. So many years caused it to crack and we never replaced it but I think , maybe, I’ll get another next summer. No garden here but 3 dogs.

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    Kathleen says

    I think it is a great idea. I am sure this isn’t the case but it seems to me all you have to do is mention something and Vince is on it. Always thinking of a way to make what you want happen. Is it the case? Is he always on top of things? I have been reading your blog for several years. We are from KC and are in Ft Worth for Thanksgiving. My granddaughter just came in and she spent the weekend in Brownwood visiting a friend in college there. Wish I could have gone with her and stopped by to meet you. Maybe someday! Have a great visit with your family.

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      When there’s something that will save money, and keep all that dirt out of the kitchen, it was a no brainer. I’ve learned that any time I have an idea, if I show Vince how much $$ it can save him, I’m a whole lot more likely to get it done.