Propane Tank Dreams

Nice title, huh?

We have a propane tank.

It’s a 250 gallon tank and we were going to get a 500 gallon tank and then we weren’t but apparently Vince decided we are getting the 500 gallon tank and he told the propane folks but he didn’t tell me.  It doesn’t matter except he was asking me where we were going to have them put the old tank and I didn’t know a new tank was coming but when we went out to look at where we would have the propane folks put the old tank, I noticed it had re-positioned itself . . somehow!  It still has over 100 gallons of propane in it and it’s darned heavy so don’t ask me how it happened.  You can see that it has four “feet” which sit on four pretty big flat stones but the left end had moved to the very back edge of the rocks and was leaning up against the well house . . already mashing in the siding.

Vince and I examined it and talked about it (like I knew what I was talking about!).  He decided he would have the propane guy go ahead and bring the new tank next week and get the old tank away from the well house but then he realized there’s over 100 gallons of fuel still in the tank and he wanted to use more of it because they’re going to take the old tank, have it inspected and repainted and then bring it back.

I never dream . . or, I never remember my dreams.  Last night I went to sleep and first I dreamed that the tank fell over, and fell into the well (it can’t . . it’s not that type well) and when we turned on our faucet, we were getting propane.  I woke up and knew that hadn’t happened but I was concerned about the tank being against the well house.  I went back to sleep and dreamed that it turned over and all the propane leaked out.  We have company coming for Thanksgiving and we had no hot water and no way to cook since we have no propane.  I woke up again and decided to go outside (at 3 a.m.) and look at it again and make sure it wasn’t going to mash itself into the well house.  I went back to sleep and dreamed that it caused a fire an then . . I could not go back to sleep.  When Vince woke up, I dragged him outside before he had coffee and he decided to turn the valve off, hook a chain around the leg and drag it with his pickup.

He was going to use the tractor but the truck was closer.  So glad we were able to use it for something!  🙂

You can see in the above picture that it’s sitting right in the middle of the rock and should be ok but how on earth did it move in the first place?  It did make a dent in the well house.

We had already painted the well house so we can fix the spot but don’t you think it’s weird that the tank moved?


  1. 1

    Gwen says

    Drought and ground shifting causes all kinds of shifting. Maybe you will need to water around the tank like you do the foundation?

  2. 5

    Madge says

    Have you asked your propane dealer if they can take the propane out of the old tank and put it in the new tank?

  3. 6

    Pat K says

    Did someone get to close with a vehicle or tractor and pump into it? That would cause it to shift slightly.

  4. 7


    ours moves also. occasionally i bump it with the riding mower because the space between the tank and a tree JUST fits the mower but you have to go through at the right angle. sometimes i think the ground shifts… rain and such. as long as it doesn’t come off the blocks you are ok. i have tried to scoot ours back….hahaahahahaha that was comical and even stupid. i couldn’t budge it.

    • 7.1

      Jean Belle says

      Exactly why I’m no longer allowed to drive the riding mower. Hit the propane tank with the leaf mucher attachment and rolled it off the pad. oops! Didn’t even realize I’d hit it at first.

  5. 9


    Well that is weird. They are heavy. it must have something to do with the ground setteling….but it is unsetteling that it happened 🙂 I don’t remember ours moving….Good luck and try not to worry and or loose sleep over it.

    • 9.1


      Yes, we do have settling issues in this area. That’s all I can think of too. It’s all level again and we’ll see what the guy says when he brings the new tank.

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    I got a message from Judy L that her internet is acting up again. She has some posts scheduled but not a Design Wall Monday post

    I guess we will have have to keep checking up on her and wishing her internet connection ASAP.

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    When you mentioned your move to Texas, remember I told you about those “shifting sands”? Well, there you go. Shifting sand. I don’t like you outside at 3 a.m. with a flashlight looking at anything. Be careful.

  8. 14

    Kay L Ford-Sollimo says

    My vote goes for either a minor tremor or, more likely, a nudge from a vehicle (has Vince confessed yet?).

  9. 15

    hsnyder10Heather says

    Just be really careful about moving that thing around, you don’t want to create a gas leak. Do you own the tank or lease it? If you lease it from your propane company, they will swap out your tanks and either move the propane or give you credit for the lp that’s left in the old tank.

  10. 16

    Pauline Kennelly says

    Judy, I know exactly what moved your tank and what causes other strange occurrences at your house and all over Texas! Gremlins! They are such mischievous little guys (guys of course) And the strange thing about them…They are all named Leroy. There is nothing you can really do about them either, if they find your home interesting with lots of things to get into, well you’ve got Gremlins. Anything that goes wrong…..Vincent is innocent, Leroy did it! Now, don’t you feel better knowing this?