Design Wall – November 19, 2012

Internet is out at the house.  I’m trying to do this from the cell phone sitting in the driveway at the top of the little hill.  Nothing new to show on my design wall and besides, trying to post a picture on this slow cell connection would be torture.

Please share what you’re working on!  I love seeing all the design walls.  Each Monday, there’s enough inspiration here to keep me going all year!

Thank you!



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    June says

    I have lots of t hings on my design wall this week, I’ve been posting them on facebook. Since I don’t really have a design wall, I have a quilt top taped up over the closet door that needs its borders and another on another wall, that I’m putting the rows together before I put the borders on it. I have duplicates of both quilts in the works too. Funny thing is I’d rather be quilting than doing real estate but I’m really busy in real estate so my quilting is falling behind.

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    So sorry to ‘hear’ of your internet lack! Design wall is blank today… to guild workshop/meeting then out to supper to celebrate DH’s b’day!!!! Monday blessings to you……D

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    Happy Thanksgiving! thanks for having this design wall every Monday, I get so much inspiration just like you do.

    Happy Sewing

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    Now that’s dedication! Thank you, Judy, for going the extra mile (or however long your driveway is…) to let us give and get inspiration today. I look forward to this every week and it’s certainly spurred my quilting in a positive direction!

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    Thanks for going out of your way this morning to provide the Monday Design Wall posting. I so enjoy posting and reading about what everyone is up to. Hope you get back to normal with your internet connection soon. Sandi